Virgin's newest 'airport' lounge is actually on a beach

By David Flynn, July 1 2017
Virgin's newest 'airport' lounge is actually on a beach

Who ever said that a departures lounge had to be an at airport? Certainly not Sir Richard Branson or the Virgin Atlantic team, if the airline's latest 'lounge' is anything to go by.

Yes, that's a beach – specifically Brownes Beach in Barbados, where Virgin Atlantic and Virgin Holidays share a unique lounge for travellers who've checked out of their hotel by noon but still have the rest of the day to wait for their flight home.

Dubbed The Departure Beach and slated to open in early 2018, the private air-conditioned clubhouse boasts a beachside bar and restaurant, ‘premium’ bathroom and shower suites and full check-in facilities for Virgin Atlantic.

Entry will be available to customers staying at Virgin Holidays' Savannah Beach Barbados or on a cruise which finishes in Barbados.

Other Virgin Atlantic travellers can pay their way in for £20 (A$33) – a price which includes a buffet lunch with non-alcoholic drinks – so it seems like entry isn't offered as a perk of Virgin Atlantic's Flying Club Gold status.


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23 Oct 2014

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That's fantastic, what a great idea setting the pace again Virgin!

02 Dec 2016

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Virgin Australia should have one of these on the Gold Coast.  Just across the road from OOL.


13 Aug 2016

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Just think about the amount of off-load passengers if this was the case in OOL, sorry I was out surfing....

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