Review: Vocier C38 + Doppkit Luggage

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By James Fordham, November 28 2018
Vocier C38 + Doppkit Luggage
The Good
  • Slick design
  • High quality, durable materials
  • Thoughtfully designed for business travellers
The Bad
  • 4-wheeled option would be welcome
  • May not conform to carry-on limits
  • Keeps your business attire wrinkle free


Regular business travellers will know that having the right type of luggage by your side can mean the difference between a quick, efficient journey through the airport, or an exercise in frustration.

While there are plenty of options from larger brands, there are some new entrants to the market that are offering business travellers products specifically designed for them – including the C38 carry-on luggage from upstart German company Vocier.

The €670 Vocier C38 two-piece set – which combines the C38 carry-on bag and a matching Dopp amenity kit – is the firm's best-selling product, and has been designed from the ground up as the ideal carry-on luggage for business travellers.

The C38 features Vocier’s ‘Zero Crease’ system, which essentially wraps your business attire around the case and keeps it from forming deep creases. It’s a patented design, and the system is ideal for two full suits with shirts, shoes and other accessories stored in the main compartment.

I travelled with the C38 on a number of domestic and international trips, and aside from the occasional crease every now and then, the C38 lives up to its promise of keeping your suits looking presentable – much more so than any other carry-on luggage I’ve tried.

If you’re not travelling with your suit, you can remove this section for added room on the inside, which gives the Vocier C38 some versatility between a business travel bag and your weekender.

The C38 measures 55cm x 40cm x 20cm, and weighs in at 3.9kg – a little heavy for our liking considering the 7kg carry-on limit that most of us will encounter.

During my trips, I didn’t have any issues with gate or cabin staff regarding the size or weight, but be aware that enforcement of these restrictions can be made at any time. For domestic travel, the bag measures exactly 115cm all up, which fits the Qantas carry-on restrictions, but is well out of Virgin Australia's 105cm all up. 

One of the drawbacks of the bag was revealed on a long walk at Paris' Charles De Gaulle airport from check-in to the airport gate. By having only two small wheels to roll on, you're carrying much of the weight of the contents of the bag, as opposed to a four wheel carry-on, which requires only a small amount of effort to push or pull. 

Aside from keeping your suits and clothes wrinkle-free, the Vocier C38 has another couple of tricks up its sleeve (or up its retracting telescopic handle).

A small document pocket on the underside of the telescopic handle allows you to store your passport, boarding pass and other essential documents. This keeps them handy without leaving them exposed – although personally I prefer to keep these items on my person, I could see other people loving this feature.

There’s also Vocier’s ‘Fast Pass’ system, which allows you to store a small toiletries bag (Vocier sells a compatible one called the Dopp kit) and other small items in the top of the case. This is handy for breezing through security checks, or when you’ve just arrived at your hotel and need to keep the essentials handy.

The C38 has a sturdy construction and the finishes feel high quality and durable. Vocier uses BASF fiber-reinforced plastic for the C38 - this plastic is used for the handles as well as throughout the case for additional body strength and integrity.

There is an Italian leather version of the C38 available (called the F38, and selling for £995)  if you’re after a more luxurious finish, but it's more likely to get scratched up while travelling and also weighs an extra kilo.

As a piece of kit, the Voicer C38 is impressive and does everything it promises.

It's an incredibly stylish piece of luggage as well, and I received plenty of compliments and queries from fellow passengers and flight crew, who had never seen it before. 

Though it has a couple of drawbacks, the C38 has a host of innovative features, solid construction and unique styling, and is a great option for your next carry-on.


James has been interested in aviation ever since his first flight. When he’s not travelling, he’s still on the road indulging his motoring hobby, or trying a new whisky.

Etihad - Etihad Guest

06 Apr 2012

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Lovely bag, but weighing in at 3.3kg when empty - there goes half of your allowed weight for a cabin bag on Qantas.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

23 Sep 2013

Total posts 10

Don't know this bag but my TRUNKSTER cabin bag is the best !

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

11 May 2015

Total posts 30

Annoying in Oz we're only allowed 7kg carry on when in Europe its mostly 10kg and on some airlines no max as long as it fits in the locker and you can lift it yourself!

Etihad - Etihad Guest

09 Mar 2019

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I’ve been using the leather f38 for a year. It’s a lovely suitcase.

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