What can you do with 119,000 Velocity points from St.George?

By Chris Chamberlin, April 23 2019

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With up to 100,000 bonus Virgin Australia Velocity points currently on offer with a new St.George Amplify Signature Visa with Amplify Points credit card, plus a further 19,800 Velocity points earned by meeting the offer spend criteria, new St.George customers are poised to travel in comfort when it comes time to savvily spending their points.

Whether the goal is a business class upgrade (or 24), a business class jaunt to Asia or a journey to the likes of Los Angeles or even South Africa, here are just some of the ways you could spend 119,000 bonus Velocity points, as are on the table now via St.George.

St.George Amplify Signature Visa with Amplify Points card: the sign-up offer

To begin with, eligible new St.George Amplify Signature Visa with Amplify Points cardholders can earn up to 200,000 bonus Amplify Points when they apply online by February 12 2020 and spend $12,000 on eligible purchases each year for the first two years.

That provides a starting base of up to 100,000 Virgin Australia Velocity points, as Amplify Points currently convert across to Velocity at a 2:1 rate.

Beyond that, the card provides an earning rate equal to 0.75 Velocity points per $1 spent via the same Amplify Rewards program, so with a minimum spend of $24,000 over that period as is required to unlock the full bonus, that’s an extra 18,000 Velocity points up your sleeve.

What’s more, the Amplify Signature Visa also comes with a 10% ‘birthday bonus’, being a 10% boost atop the points you’ve earned from spending on the card over the past year, tallied up and delivered in the month of your big day.

On a spend of at least $24,000 – on which 18,000 Velocity points are earned – that generates a further 1,800 Velocity points, for an all out total of up to 119,800 Velocity points.

While that 10% boost doesn’t apply to the initial haul of up to 100,000 bonus Velocity points, it does apply to the points you earn from spending on the card, both in qualifying for the six-figure offer and by using the card year-round, so here are just some of the things you can do with your hefty all-out bonus.

1. Upgrade to Virgin Australia business class 24 times

With up to 119,800 Velocity points to spend as earned via your St.George credit card, those could be turned into 24 domestic business class upgrades on short flights like Sydney-Melbourne, when travelling on flexible economy Freedom airfares.

Not only does that cover 24 business class flights, that’s also 24 pre-flight visits to Virgin Australia lounges, along with a further 24 lounge visits after your flight, whether for a quick coffee or a place to work before leaving the airport: up to 48 lounge visits in total, when flying through airports with lounge facilities.

When travelling on the more affordable Elevate and Getaway fares on the same routes, your bonus bounty caters for a still-reasonable 11 one-way business class upgrades: or on longer flights, for 12 upgrades to business class on flexible Freedom fares, including east-west flights like Sydney-Perth on Airbus A330 flights with The Business:

2. Take a return Virgin Australia business class trip to Hong Kong

Rather than playing the ‘upgrade’ game, you could instead turn your points into a single return business class trip from Sydney or Melbourne to Hong Kong with Virgin Australia.

For this, you’d need exactly 119,000 Velocity points, and as an outright booking as opposed to an upgrade on an already-purchased airfare, all you need to pay in conjunction with the ticket are the usual taxes, fees and charges on your return booking.

However, passengers beginning or ending their Hong Kong journey in other Australian cities will for the most part require more points, given the added domestic connecting flight, making this option best for residents of Sydney and Melbourne.

3. Venture to Singapore with Singapore Airlines

You don’t have to spend your Velocity points on flights with Virgin Australia, of course: you can book flights with partners like Singapore Airlines, too.

From Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane, a precise 117,500 Velocity points can fetch you a return Singapore Airlines trip to Singapore, flying premium economy one way and business class the other.

While a Singapore Airlines premium economy ticket doesn’t provide airport lounge access, as the St.George Amplify Signature Visa credit card includes a complimentary Priority Pass airport lounge membership, you could use one of those two yearly lounge visits before that flight.

For example, flying out of Melbourne, Brisbane or Singapore, Priority Pass can get you into a Plaza Premium Lounge before departure, while in Sydney, there's the option of paying a $20 upcharge to access The House.

Adelaide and Perth flyers have things a little easier, as a reduced 106,000 Velocity points covers a return business class jaunt to The Lion City, being a shorter flying distance from Australia’s east coast.

4. Land in the home of Hollywood, with return flights to LA

Looking further afield, you points could instead take you to Los Angeles from Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane in premium economy – 71,700 Velocity points, one-way – flying economy in the other direction (44,800 Velocity points), burning 116,500 Velocity points on total.

This is another time when St.George’s inclusive Priority Pass membership can come in handy, as your two yearly complimentary visits takes care of a return trip such as this.

In Los Angeles before the flight home, your second Priority Pass lounge visit will either provide you with access to the Korean Air business class lounge in the Tom Bradley International Terminal where Virgin Australia flights depart, during Priority Pass acceptable hours.

5. Jet to Johannesburg with South African Airways

As another partner airline to Virgin Australia, South African Airways offers non-stop flights between Perth and Johannesburg, which can be booked using Velocity points.

Flying return sets you back an even 120,000 Velocity points when flying business class in one direction (78,000 Velocity points) and economy class the other way (42,000) Velocity points.

That’s marginally more than the 119,800 Velocity points you could earn through the paths described earlier, but you’d make up the difference by spending just $243 on your St.George Amplify Signature Visa with Amplify Points card, over and above that $24,000 total spend above, which also takes into account the card’s birthday bonus.

Otherwise, 200 Velocity points can easily be earned on the purchase of 100 litres of fuel at participating BP service stations when swiping your Velocity card at the time of purchase, which most motorists would reach after burning through just two or three tanks.


Executive Traveller may receive a commission when you apply for these credit cards via our links.

You should seek independent advice and consider your own personal circumstances before applying for any financial product.

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