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Private jet market roars to life, planemakers can’t keep up

Industry sees strongest demand since the recession as builders rolling out new jets loaded with b...

Revealed: the best bars in Asia

From New Delhi to Tokyo, here’s where to have a drink in style once you start travelling again.

Expat pays $10,000/month to swim during Singapore's lockdown

At $10,000 per month, that's a lot of backstrokes...

Ultra-luxury Aman flags 2022 launch for new Janu hotels

Janu is a more lifestye-oriented brand spinoff for the ultra-luxury standard-setter.

Beyond the bar: airlines resurrect the inflight lounge

Airlines and their designers are swapping stand-up bars for more relaxed social spaces.

Richard Branson's new luxe cruise line won't allow kids

'Adults only' has a far more innocuous meaning on board Richard Branson's new luxury cruise liners.

The Mandarin Oriental Bangkok gets a $135 million make-over

Take a look inside the legendary Mandarin Oriental, which has just undergone the biggest renovati...

This bank is now Washington DC's newest hotel

The storied Riggs National Bank has been reborn as upmarket digs for the DC set.

Review: London's new Treehouse Hotel

It maybe be in the heart of London, but the Treehouse Hotel channels a quirky slice of Americana.

Nine new golf courses you'll want to visit in 2020

There’s no shortage of new places to dream of chasing that little white ball.

Hot destinations for the 2020 cruise calendar

From Japan to the sub-antarctic, there's a lot to look forward to on the water next year.

The best new spirits we sipped in 2019

It was been a big year in spirits, with plenty to enthuse about.

Miniature martinis are the next big thing in cocktails

The much-mythologised standard-size martini is just a little too much of a good thing for some.

Singapore's flying taxi trials are a glimpse of the future

They might look like futuristic toys come to life, but flying taxis took to the skies in Singapor...

Exploring the new MoMA is all about surprise

A $580 million renovation and expansion adds room for visitors to breathe and to see more treasur...

Uber will now fly you over NY city gridlock

Uber's helicopter service between lower Manhattan and JFK Airport is now available to any Uber user.

The world's most liveable cities for 2019

Australia and Canada dominate the top ten in this annual liveability ranking.

18 of the hottest new restaurants in London

Leading chefs and restauranteurs share their favourite new gastronomical haunts in ever-changing ...

The best fast-casual lunches in New York

These fast-casual spots are gems of world cuisine which you can transform your lunchtime into a g...

Porsche Taycan set to eclipse legendary 911

It’s not even on sale yet, but the first fully electric Porsche is already on the fast track for ...