Technology News

First look: Apple's new 16-inch MacBook Pro

This is Apple's largest laptop since the 17-inch MacBook Pro of 2006-2012, but the real advance sits just beneath the screen.

Microsoft’s new all-in-one Office app for iPhone, Android

This single Office app integrates Word, Excel and PowerPoint, while bringing useful mobile-friendly features to the fore.

Google unveils Pixel 4 phones, new Nest home devices

Google's overnight launch rolled out two new Pixel 4-series smartphones plus a clutch of smart home devices.

Apple's new iPhone Pro, iPad, Watch, Apple TV+

Everything you need to know about what's coming your way following Apple's overnight launchfest.

Apple's new iPhones: here’s what to expect

This week's launch will see three new iPhones, an Apple watch refresh and more on the forthcoming iOS 13.

Acer Swift 5: the world’s lightest 14-inch laptop

Less than 1kg, all-day battery life and a fast-charge battery top the list for this travel-friendly slice of tech.

Fresh from Sonos: Move, One SL and Port

The new Sonos Move is big on sound, big on portability and just plain big...

Qantas, Virgin Australia move on MacBook ban

Qantas and Virgin Australia join the list of airlines clamping down on Apple MacBooks due to concerns over faulty batteries.

Bose, Sonos roll out portable smart speakers

A new wave of WiFi smart speakers brings 'sound to go' to the home, office or even the hotel room on your next trip.

Apple preps iPhone Pro, 16-inch MacBook Pro

Apple's next wave of tech, to be released in the coming weeks, will include camera-focused 'Pro' iPhones and a larger MacBook Pro.

First look: Samsung Galaxy Book S laptop

This Windows laptop is incredibly thin, insanely light and can run for a game-changing 23 hours on a single charge.

US airlines ban MacBook Pro laptops

Apple's recall of some MacBook Pro laptops due to overheating batteries means they are no longer welcome on US flights.

Sonos, Ikea partner on new wireless smart speakers

You'd never imagine that a lamp or a bookshelf could sound so good...

Slim Vaio SX12 notebook is packed with ports

Most slim and lightweight laptops sacrifice connectivity for portability? Most of the big brands would say yes, as they drop ev...

Google updates instant camera translations

Business travellers will know first-hand the struggles of deciphering a foreign language when overseas. Many apps aim to make t...

Apple axes 12in MacBook Air, eyes 16in MacBook Pro

Apple has dropped its most compact laptop in an overnight reshuffle of the MacBook family, and is also said to be planning a la...

Apple pumps up entry-level 13-inch MacBook Pro

Apple is beefing up its entry-level MacBook Pro in a mid-year update which has also seen the slim and light 12-inch MacBook axe...

Apple reveals new iPad OS

Your iPad or iPad Pro is about to get more powerful, more capable and, Apple hopes, more likely than ever to make you think twi...