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Apple to drop Intel for its own ARM chip from 2021

The new processors will be based on the iPhone and iPad chips, but much more powerful.

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Five things to look for when buying headphones for running

Battery life and sound quality aren't the only things you should consider in headphones used while you're on the move.

Chris Chamberlin |

Up next for Apple: HomePod 2, new AirTag wireless trackers

A smaller smart speaker plus a 'Tile-killer' tag will join the iPhone 12 generation later this year.

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Microsoft Teams amps up for the remote working era

New features planned months ago take on added importance as employees relocate from offices to their spare rooms.

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Review: Samsung T7 Touch portable SSD drive

A bit slimmer, a lot faster and much more secure: that’s the upgrade recipe for Samsung’s latest T7 solid state drive.

David Flynn |

The Flash battery charger is like a mini Tesla powerwall

Five outlets, 170W output, 20Ah capacity and smart charging makes this the ultimate bit of kit for the road warrior.

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Vodafone switches on 5G global roaming for $5/day

The UK, Ireland, Germany, Spain and Italy will be Vodafone's first 5G global roaming destinations.

David Flynn |

Is this the first step towards better inflight WiFi?

An alliance between airlines and tech companies paves the path to a smoother, faster and overall better WiFi experience.

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Samsung bets on big camera upgrade in Galaxy S20

When Apple adds three cameras, Samsung steps up to four – and puts 5G into the mix.

Mark Gurman |

Bye-bye BlackBerry as handset maker pulls the plug

Is this finally the end for the once-iconic device which in its heyday ruled the business world?

David Flynn |

Flying high with Huawei Australia’s Larking Huang

Huawei Australia exec Larking Huang shares his tips for travel and staying connected with family while on the road.

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Optus global roaming adds more data, more countries

Optus will retire its $10/day Travel Packs in place of new Roaming Passes, while also changing roaming inclusions in 20 countries.

Chris Chamberlin |

First look: Samsung Galaxy Book S laptop

This incredibly thin and insanely light Windows laptop is rated to run for over 20 hours on a single charge.

David Flynn |

Uber taps Hyundai to develop its 'flying taxi'

The future steps a little closer as Uber and Hyundai reveal their four-passenger flying car.

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On the road with Huawei’s latest travel tech

The right technology makes the life of the business traveller not only easier, but more productive and more enjoyable.

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These apps will keep your New Year's resolutions on track

Your smartphone could keep you straying from your 2020 resolutions. Here are our seven handpicked favourites.

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Hands-on with Microsoft's Surface Laptop 3

Microsoft's latest premium laptop has earned its place on the top shelf of the competitive 13-inch notebook market.

Peter Wells |

Two weeks with a fitness-focused smartwatch

Executive Traveller gets hands-on with HUAWEI's latest fitness-minded tech.

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