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A new generation of music fans builds stereos from scratch

The old-fashioned appeal of audio kits never goes away – especially during a pandemic.

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First look: Apple's iPhone 12 line-up, HomePod Mini

After a steady stream of leaks, the overnight launch of Apple's latest smartphones offered few surprises...

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Apple to launch iPhone 12 on October 14

The 5G iPhone 12 series will take centre stage at the virtual launch.

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Apple readies HomePod Mini, Airpods Studio headphones

Apple pulls rival speakers and headphones from its stores to make way for over-ear headphones and a smaller HomePod.

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Google debuts 5G Pixel phones, Google TV streamer

The Pixel 5 flagship and Pixel 4a both pack 5G tech, while the Chromecast with Google TV delivers budget streaming.

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First look: Apple Watch 6, Watch SE, iPad Air 2020, Apple On

From watches to tablets plus a bundling approach to subscription-based services, here's the latest.

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Apple Watch 6 and new iPad Air to debut tomorrow

Apple will unveil two new Apple Watches plus a revamped iPad Air at a 'virtual event' overnight.

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Apple Watch 6 set for September 15 launch

Apple will roll out a higher-end Apple Watch Series 6 and a lower-end replacement to the Apple Watch Series 3.

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Samsung's Galaxy Z Fold 2 fixes major folding phone foibles

Samsung's latest folding smartphone gets a September 25 release date and a $2,999 price tag.

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Toshiba exits the laptop business

The Japanese brand was once synonymous with mobile computing and cutting-edge technology for the road warrior.

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Microsoft launches Surface Duo foldable phone-tablet

Microsoft makes an ambitious move into the foldable device market with the Android-powered Surface Duo.

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Samsung launches Galaxy Note 20, teases Fold 2

New Android devices push specs, design and ecosystem synergy, as wireless earbuds and a new smartwatch expand the wearables range.

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Three top travel tech chargers and adaptors

These accessories will keep your favourite travel technology juiced up when you're on the go.

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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G set for August 7 launch

An upgraded version of the compact foldable smartphone will lead Samsung's 2020 rush of new mobile gadgets.

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Apple reveals new Translate app for iPhone

The next-generation iPhone software will include an translation app that works offline.

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Sony 1000XM4 noise-cancelling headphones break cover

Boasting smart features and superb audio, Sony's new flagship noise-cancelling cans could be the ultimate pair of Bose-beaters.

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Singapore Airlines unlocks free e-magazines, newspapers

Until the end of June 2020, reading material through the Singapore Airlines App is on the house.

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Vodafone halves excess data charges in Australia and abroad

Vodafone customers will pay less for excess data both at home and when using $5 roaming abroad, once international travel returns.

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