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Thailand's Elite Visa program for expats seeking virus haven

$22,000 could buy you safe haven in Thailand under Elite Card residential-visa program for affluent expats and investors.

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Singapore's tourism restart: think "quality, not quantity"

A restart of Singapore's inbound tourism industry will place emphasis on the quality of business travel-related activities.

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These Caribbean nations will sell you a second passport

Cash-strapped islands lower prices on citizenship programs so the wealthy can skirt visa rules on their home countries.

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Singapore looks to 'staycations' to fill the tourism hole

Singapore lacks anything resembling a domestic tourism market, so staycation deals are the next-best thing.

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Europe opens to Australian visitors

Australia and New Zealand make the Covid-safe cut for visiting the EU.

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Hawaii proposes quarantine-free travel bubble to Australia

Say 'aloha' to your next holiday?

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This Airbus A220 private jet is a true apartment in the sky

With a sitting room, dining area, relaxation zone, workspace, bedroom and en-suite bathroom and shower, you may as well live here.

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Malaysia to reopen borders to some Australian visitors

As Malaysia plans to reopen its borders, the nation's flag-carrier resumes flights to Australia.

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Fiji's 'Bula bubble' promises quarantine in a luxury resort

Fiji's unique spin on the travel bubble concept may be more like a holiday in itself.

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Thailand plans an Australian travel bubble

Thailand aims for a reboot of its tourism industry, but will shift its focus from the mass-market to premium holidaymakers.

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Even Harrods has to adapt to the age of coronavirus

Britain needs to get its retail industry back up and running and the iconic London department store is rolling with the changes.

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Can cutting-edge technology make cruising safe again?

Wearable devices for crowd control, digital casinos and robot crew members are some interventions being pursued by ship designers.

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Greece opens Covid-safe 'travel bubble' to Australia

Greece joins other European countries in opening 'air bridges' to selected countries, and Australia has made the list.

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Take your seat on the Paper Plane Bench

If you're not getting on a plane any time soon, why not bring the plane into your living room?

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Richard Branson's new luxe cruise line won't allow kids

'Adults only' has a far more innocuous meaning on board Richard Branson's new luxury cruise liners.

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The next big thing in luxury cruising Is a much smaller ship

The latest upscale ships hew closer to being floating design hotels.

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Review: London's new Treehouse Hotel

It maybe be in the heart of London, but the Treehouse Hotel channels a quirky slice of Americana.

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Why Washington is the most exciting food city in America

Despite the hype from such places as L.A., the nation’s capital is the town everyone should pay attention to.

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