Bali set to scrap $50 visa fee for Australians

Visa-free travel is on the cards, although there’ll be a new $15 tourism levy from February 2024.

By David Flynn, December 11 2023
Bali set to scrap $50 visa fee for Australians

Indonesia plans to drop the ‘visa on arrival’ program for Australians, and with it the $50 per person fee, to encourage tourism and boost the local economy.

The move would see Bali and the rest of the country return to a largely visa-free travel model introduced in 2016 but abandoned as part of Indonesia’s post-pandemic recovery plan.

Under current rules, travellers from Australia and 23 other countries must apply for a visa on arrival – such as when they land at Bali’s Denpasar airport – and pay a $50 fee for the 30-day visa.

Indonesia’s Tourism and Creative Economies Minister Sandiaga Uno last Thursday said officials were proposing travellers from 20 countries, including Australia, should return to visa-free status.

“At the top are Australia, China, India, South Korea, the United States, England, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Japan, Russia, Taiwan, New Zealand, Italy (and) Spain,” Uno revealed.

Also making the cut “are countries related to investment contributions and the economic impact on Indonesia” including the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

“We are targeting quality tourists, especially those with longer stays and higher spending in the local economy.”

The proposal to swing those countries back in the visa-free group was progressing and “in the next month it will be finalised,” Uno said, “and after that, we will receive direction from the president and the policy will be followed up with immigration.”

But not all of that $50 will remain in travellers’ pockets, with Bali introducing a new $15 (IDR150,000) tourism levy coming into force from February 14, 2024.

This will apply to all overseas visitors to the popular island getaway, including those arriving into Bali from other parts of Indonesia. It will be paid electronically be collected at their point of arrival.

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I always loved the old Visa on Arrival system in Indonesia; AUD50 but if you pay cash you could get it for AUD30 which obviously went straight into the agent's pocket.  To overcome this corruption, Indonesia changed to a tracked OCR ticket that is stuck into the passport rather than just a stamp.  

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09 Jun 2017

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My travels through Jakarta have been always with an APEC BTC so very easy. Others I have traveled with have gone in with the Visa on Arrival which can only be described as a very painful experience. This sounds like a very good move.

19 May 2021

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They've finally seen the light. This ridiculous idea that they tried to cling to post-pandemic, the idea of attracting a higher class of tourist, fails miserably when you get to Bali and see the the crappy infrastructure and conditions they provide. Bali is a value for money destination (even at the ultra luxury segment) - the local government's ideas otherwise was foolish and difficult to understand. They need more money, but penny wise pound foolish is not the way. Comment applies to the upcoming tourist tax too.

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