Your complete guide to Singapore Airlines’ KrisFlyer program

Whether you’re a frequent flyer or a frequent buyer, Singapore Airlines' KrisFlyer scheme is your ticket to rewards.

By Staff Writers, September 27 2022
Your complete guide to Singapore Airlines’ KrisFlyer program

Singapore Airlines' KrisFlyer program isn't just for Singaporeans: it's a popular international frequent flyer scheme for people who fly with Singapore Airlines, its Star Alliance partners, and other affiliated airlines including Virgin Australia.

On the ground, KrisFlyer also serves as a useful ‘frequent buyer’ program, with KrisFlyer miles easy to earn via a range of Australian and overseas credit cards.

As KrisFlyer operates a little differently than Australian frequent flyer programs like Qantas Frequent Flyer or Virgin Australia's Velocity, here's what you need to know about KrisFlyer.

What is Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer?

KrisFlyer is Singapore Airlines' frequent flyer program, through which members can earn and spend KrisFlyer miles with more than 450 partners covering a range of activities including flights and hotel stays, online shopping and much more.

Because Singapore Airlines is part of the global Star Alliance network, members of KrisFlyer aren't limited to earning and redeeming miles on Singapore Airlines flights.

Make sure you use your KrisFlyer miles as they will expire three years after they're earned.
Make sure you use your KrisFlyer miles as they will expire three years after they're earned.

In fact, those miles can be used to fly with a range of Star Alliance member airlines including Thai Airways, United Airlines, Swiss International, Scandinavian Airlines (all pictured below) along with Air Canada, Air New Zealand, Lufthansa and more.

How to join Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer

It's easy to sign-up to the KrisFlyer program: simply visit the Singapore Airlines website and complete the online form.

Joining KrisFlyer is free, and there's also no fee to remain a member.

Where and how can I earn KrisFlyer miles?

Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer miles can be earned around the world – and even if you don't fly with Singapore Airlines, you'll find plenty of ways to earn KrisFlyer miles, including the below:

Earn KrisFlyer miles on flights, hotels, ground transport

Members of the KrisFlyer program can amass miles when travelling with a number of airlines on eligible fares and flights. Of course, this includes Singapore Airlines and its low-cost offshoot Scoot, where you can earn one KrisFlyer mile and 2.5 KrisFlyer Elite miles for every Singapore dollar spent on your fare.

Singapore Airlines’ Star Alliance partner airlines include carriers such as Air Canada, ANA, Lufthansa, Thai Airways, United Airlines, and many others – plus, miles can also be earned on partners such as Alaska Airlines, JetBlue, Olympic Air, Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Australia and Vistara.

On the ground, KrisFlyer miles can be collected when booking hotel stays through Agoda, and via a number of chain hotel loyalty programs including Accor Live Limitless (ALL), Hilton Honors, IHG Rewards, World of Hyatt and more.

KrisFlyer miles can be earned on stays at IHG Hotels and Resorts properties, such as InterContinental Melbourne.
KrisFlyer miles can be earned on stays at IHG Hotels and Resorts properties, such as InterContinental Melbourne.

Hiring a car in Singapore or around the world? KrisFlyer miles may be up for grabs on eligible bookings with Avis, Budget, Europcar, Hertz and Sixt: and if you have a Grab rideshare account, GrabRewards points can also be converted into Singapore Airlines' KrisFlyer miles.

Earn KrisFlyer miles on credit cards and shopping

Beyond various Singaporean credit cards attached to the KrisFlyer program, Singapore Airlines maintains partnerships with banks and card issuers around the world, allowing shoppers to convert their credit card points into KrisFlyer miles.

In Australia, those with credit cards or charge cards from American Express, ANZ, Bank of Melbourne, BankSA, Citibank, Diners Club, HSBC, NAB, St George, Westpac and more may have a bounty of KrisFlyer miles waiting for them, just by converting their credit card rewards.

In fact, eligible new St.George Amplify Signature Visa with Amplify Points cardholders can earn up to 75,000 bonus KrisFlyer miles, just by applying for the card by December 31 2022 and spending AUD$12,000 on purchases within the first 12 months.

This unlocks 150,000 bonus Amplify Points worth 75,000 KrisFlyer miles based on a 2:1 conversion rate from Amplify Rewards to KrisFlyer.

Otherwise, every time you shop online could be an opportunity to earn KrisFlyer miles.

Just begin your retail journey via Singapore Airlines' KrisFlyer Spree website, and click through to your chosen retailer every time you shop to earn points based on the value of your transaction.

Flying in premium economy will help you through the KrisFlyer ranks, but not as fast as business or first class.
Flying in premium economy will help you through the KrisFlyer ranks, but not as fast as business or first class.

Earn KrisFlyer miles on tours and attractions with Pelago

Pelago is a tour and activities platform owned by Singapore Airlines allowing KrisFlyer members to earn and redeem miles on hundreds of holiday experiences available in more than 50 destinations it serves.

Whether you'd like to take a day cruise on Sydney Harbour, admire art and sculpture at the Louvre in Paris, explore Mount Batur in Bali or buy tickets to the Singapore F1 Grand Prix, buying through Pelago will allow you boost your KrisFlyer balance or spend your miles for an experience you'll never forget.

From time to time, Pelago runs promotions with discounts available on the number of miles needed to book an experience, which can make for a handy saving.

Miles are accrued at the rate of one mile for every Singapore dollar spent on Pelago, although experiences can also be priced in more than 15 different currencies to avoid conversion fees. Once confirmed, the amount spent is converted to Singapore dollars to determine the exact mileage earned.

There are plenty of other ways to earn KrisFlyer miles, too – head to the Singapore Airlines website to explore all your options. 

How many KrisFlyer miles can I earn?

In the air, you'll typically earn KrisFlyer miles based on the distance of your flight, influenced also by the type of fare you've purchased.

For the most part, more expensive tickets such as business class and first class fares, and fully flexible bookings, earn more points than lower-cost experiences like cut-price economy class travel, even though your mileage haul isn't directly based on the cost of the ticket.

Other factors such as whether or not you’re flying with Singapore Airlines itself, Scoot or one of its Star Alliance partners, then which fare you’ve booked, will determine exactly how many KrisFlyer miles you’ll earn for your journey.

On the ground, the number of KrisFlyer miles you can earn from other activities is instead more closely tied to the number of dollars spent.

As an example, when shopping online via the KrisFlyer Spree mall, you'll receive a certain number of miles per dollar spent, depending on the retailer.

Through credit card providers, you'll instead convert your credit card points into KrisFlyer miles. These transactions are typically subject to a 'conversion rate' – for example, two credit card reward points may equal one KrisFlyer mile, depending on your bank.

Of course, the number of credit card reward points you earn in the first place is closely tied to how much you spend (excepting any sign-on bonus offers), meaning those poised to get the most benefit out of KrisFlyer are those regularly making moderate to high spends.

In the KrisFlyer program, there's no limit to the number of miles you can earn in your account, although an earning partner may have its own limits: such as a points cap or transfer limit on a credit card.

What are KrisFlyer Elite miles?

In the Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer program, members can earn two types of miles: 'KrisFlyer miles', and 'Elite miles'.

KrisFlyer miles are those we've discussed above, being miles earned that can later be spent on things such as flights and upgrades.

The new KrisFlyer Gold Lounge at Singapore's Changi Airport.
The new KrisFlyer Gold Lounge at Singapore's Changi Airport.

Elite miles, on the other hand, are KrisFlyer's equivalent of Qantas status credits, and are used solely to determine your progress from the base KrisFlyer membership tier, up to KrisFlyer Elite Silver and KrisFlyer Elite Gold.

As such, Elite miles can never be spent, nor can they be converted into KrisFlyer miles.

Normally, Elite miles can only be earned on eligible flights with Singapore Airlines and its Star Alliance partners – not from things such as credit card points conversions or online shopping.

What is the PPS Club?

Singapore Airlines' PPS Club serves its highest-flying travellers, with membership levels above the standard Silver and Gold ranks.

PPS Club is bolted on to KrisFlyer, but isn't achieved by earning Elite miles. Instead, travellers earn 'PPS Value' when travelling with Singapore Airlines in business class and first class.

Travellers in the PPS Club program enjoy benefits over and above those offered to KrisFlyer's Elite members, detailed further below.

What are the Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer membership tiers?

Above entry-level membership, KrisFlyer members can work towards a higher status level by taking flights with Singapore Airlines and its eligible partners.

Here's a list of those tiers, how you can earn them to begin with, and how you can retain them once you already hold that membership level.

Tier / requirements

How to earn

How to retain

KrisFlyer Elite Silver

25,000 Elite miles within 12 months

25,000 Elite miles within 12 months

KrisFlyer Elite Gold

50,000 Elite miles within 12 months

50,000 Elite miles within 12 months

PPS Club

$25,000 in PPS Value within 12 months

$25,000 in PPS Value within 12 months

Solitaire PPS Club

$50,000 in PPS Value within 12 months

$50,000 in PPS Value within 12 months

Solitaire PPS Club Life

Closed to new members

No further flying required to retain

Singapore Airlines' KrisFlyer and PPS Club programs work on a rolling 12-month period, meaning your membership level is regularly assessed with a view to upgrading your tier as your miles and PPS value accrues.

Once upgraded, your status is valid for 12 months. To retain your status, you need to earn the appropriate number of Elite miles or PPS Value during that fresh 12-month period.

However, when it comes to climbing the status ladder – such as from entry level to KrisFlyer Silver and then up to KrisFlyer Gold – all the travel taken in the 12 months prior to your status upgrade is considered.

This means if you start with no status in January and reach KrisFlyer Elite Silver in April (requiring 25,000 Elite miles), you'll only need to earn 25,000 extra Elite miles before the following January to go all the way up to Gold.

(You don't need to earn 25,000 Elite miles for Silver, then start again at nothing, and earn a further 50,000 Elite miles for Gold – 50,000 Elite miles in total over a 12-month period will have you covered.) 

What are the benefits of KrisFlyer and PPS Club status?

With each boost to your KrisFlyer or PPS Club status, you'll unlock new privileges when you travel with Singapore Airlines and its partners.

The Private Room at Changi Airport features a variety of comfortable seating options.
The Private Room at Changi Airport features a variety of comfortable seating options.

Here are just some of the benefits you can look forward to – at least, on Singapore Airlines flights:

  • KrisFlyer Elite Silver: Earn 25% bonus miles and complimentary seat selection on Singapore Airlines, priority waitlist and standby, and Star Alliance Silver recognition.
  • KrisFlyer Elite Gold: Benefits of Silver, plus airport lounge access – including to the KrisFlyer Gold lounges at Changi and most Star Alliance business class lounges (and Virgin Australia lounges) – plus extra checked baggage, Star Alliance Gold, and more.
  • PPS Club: Benefits of Gold, plus upgraded lounge access (SilverKris business class), no expiry of KrisFlyer miles, complimentary extra legroom seating, and more.
  • Solitaire PPS Club, and Solitaire PPS Club Life: Benefits of PPS Club, plus Solitaire PPS Club status for a partner, first class check-in with Singapore Airlines, fast-track immigration in Singapore (via APEC queue), first class lounge access, and more.

For the full list of privileges extended to KrisFlyer Elite and PPS Club members, including with partner airlines such as Virgin Australia and others, head to the Singapore Airlines website.

Do KrisFlyer miles expire?

Unlike some frequent flyer programs, Singapore Airlines' KrisFlyer miles adopt a fixed expiry, this is normally 36 months from the month in which each individual mile was earned. Currently, Singapore Airlines has paused the expiration of KrisFlyer miles until 2023.

For example, earn KrisFlyer miles in October 2022 and those miles will only be valid until the end of October 2025, even if you earn more miles between those dates.

Of course, when you spend miles from your KrisFlyer account, KrisFlyer discharges your oldest miles first. This means you can't accidentally spend miles you earned just one month ago, when you have miles earned 35 months ago about to expire.

Those primarily earning KrisFlyer miles via credit card spend would be wise to keep their points in their credit card rewards program account until needed, to avoid converted miles from expiring.

(Naturally, if a bank is preparing to worsen its conversion rate to KrisFlyer, or the bank's loyalty program has its own points expiry rules, it may instead be wise to convert those points to KrisFlyer even without a specific use in mind, provided they're spent before expiry.)

How do I spend and redeem KrisFlyer miles?

KrisFlyer miles are made to be redeemed – and many of the methods used to earn KrisFlyer miles are also ways to use them.

As an example, you can spend miles on flights with Singapore Airlines and its various partner airlines, as well as to book hotel stays and car hire.

It's also possible to use KrisFlyer miles to upgrade to premium economy, business class or first class on eligible Singapore Airlines flights.

The upgrade options available to you will depend on the type of fare originally purchased, and the cabins offered on your flight.

Upgrade options may include:

  • Economy to premium economy
  • Economy to business class
  • Premium economy to business class
  • Business class to first class

Upgrades from economy and premium economy straight to first class are not available, and nor can you 'double upgrade', such as by swapping an economy class seat for business class, and then upgrading again from business class to first class.

Use your KrisFlyer miles to upgrade from economy to business class on Singapore Airlines, such as on its Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner.
Use your KrisFlyer miles to upgrade from economy to business class on Singapore Airlines, such as on its Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner.

KrisFlyer miles can also be used to upgrade to business class or first class on eligible Star Alliance partner airline flights.

Virgin Australia frequent flyers can also enjoy access to Singapore Airlines cabins through its Velocity-to-KrisFlyer points transfers, as well as the ability to book business, premium economy and economy seats with Velocity points.

What's the best way to spend KrisFlyer miles?

When it's time to put your KrisFlyer miles to good use, some of the ways you can spend them provide better value than others.

For instance, when it comes to flying, the number of miles needed to book a flight outright isn't much more than the asking price for an upgrade: and of course, an upgrade requires you to have purchased a full-fare ticket first.

On the other hand, outright flight bookings on Singapore Airlines have minimal fees and charges attached, as Singapore Airlines doesn't levy fuel surcharges and carrier surcharges on these reward bookings.

Many members prefer to save their miles to book business class or even first class with Singapore Airlines, given the availability for those using miles tends to be good, and fees quite low.

KrisFlyer also runs 'Spontaneous Escapes' promotions from time to time as well, significantly reducing the number of KrisFlyer miles needed for eligible journeys.

Miles can also be redeemed through Singapore Airlines' tours and activities platform Pelago, where you can use them to find exciting things to see and do during your next holiday.

Do I need a KrisFlyer membership card?

Singapore Airlines issues both physical and digital KrisFlyer membership cards to its customers.

While physical cards are handy to help unlock perks like lounge access abroad, the digital card will usually suffice: and of course, as soon as your KrisFlyer tier changes, the digital card will be updated with your new membership level, so you can make the most of your benefits.

Frequently asked questions

While two travellers cannot share a single frequent flyer account, KrisFlyer has a system called 'redemption nominees', which allows a KrisFlyer member to use their miles to book flights and upgrades for another person.

For example, if one member of a household tends to earn more KrisFlyer miles than the others, that member can use those miles to book flights for the people nominated as their 'redemption nominees'.

Depending on your KrisFlyer membership tier, fees may apply if you decide to change your nominees, as limits apply.

Can you use KrisFlyer miles to upgrade on other airlines?

Yes! As above, you can use KrisFlyer miles to upgrade both on Singapore Airlines and on other airlines around the globe – typically those belonging to the Star Alliance family.

Your KrisFlyer miles will allow you to book and upgrade seats with partner airline, Virgin Australia.
Your KrisFlyer miles will allow you to book and upgrade seats with partner airline, Virgin Australia.

The number of miles needed for an upgrade depends on the airline, route and upgrade type.

Note, however, that while upgrades from business class to first class may be appealing, upgrades from economy to business class are quite difficult, and are normally possible only from the highest-cost economy class fares.

Can you convert credit card points into KrisFlyer miles?

Yes! Singapore Airlines' KrisFlyer program is a popular transfer partner of many Australian and international credit card issuers, allowing cardholders to earn rewards via their credit card that can later become KrisFlyer miles.

For the most up-to-date information about transfer opportunities, conversion rates, minimum transfer amounts and waiting times for transfers to be processed, contact your credit card issuer.

Of course, Singapore Airlines is not partnered with every credit card rewards program, and some limit transfers from different types of cards.

HSBC Australia, for instance, allows the points earned on its HSBC Premier credit card to be converted into KrisFlyer miles, but not points earned on its HSBC Platinum card.

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PPS membership has been an extremely reliable way of obtaining bulkhead seats on aircraft that don't have a First or Suites and have a considerably larger footwell in these rows which for some can make the difference between good sleep and restless sleep

Additionally their PPS priority line is very effective and will tray hard to assist

Crew always acknowledge status and meal orders and generally deliver a service level one notch above 

There is possibly less value for the Solitaire tier

URGENT query; is Singapore Airlines offering any Status Match with Qantas Gold or does anybody know which Star Alliance carrier is offering right now (Nov 22) a status match I could apply for and avail myself of their benefits for an imminent trip? Any help greatly appreciated. 

See, this is offered by United Airlines.

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