• Great result for them. The spiced Negroni is excellent and was on offer at the QF F lounge in Sydney a few months ago.

  • Qantas revamps priority boarding

    Nov 21, 2019, 10:42 PM

    A much deeper, broader and well-thought process with respect to multiple aspects of the entire service culture at Qantas is required, aimed at its deepest flaw, inconsistency.The boarding issue is merely a symptom and "spot treatment" rarely achieves long term results.

  • Thanks Elin, for contributing to the potential multilayered impact of climate change as it applies to the onboard experience for premium travellers

  • Is there someone out there with (untreated!) OCD who could have a go at converting this to the Qantas requirements for Platinum, Platinum One and the Gold and Platinum Lifetime status?

  • Thanks David - there is a small trend towards this in F cabins. JL F and LH F trips I have taken this year have all had 3 "flagship" champagnes from different houses (Salon was back on JL). Qantas also serves the Taittinger in F on some flights. Its dominant chardonnay composition makes it partic...

  • Is anyone aware of the logic/rationale behind selecting some passengers for the DSC offer and not others? Thanks. It would be useful for ABT to ask Qantas this directly.

  • I realise this is a bit late but wanted to confirm that I nominated my son for my partner platinum card and even though he had Hilton Diamond via this 2 years ago, he received it again this time as he had dropped to Gold.We have used it a lot on a recent trip, so it is the case you can get it aga...

  • I receive online surveys after almost 50% of my flights - some issues have been dealt with well internally and I have been offered a solution as quickly as the return leg. With other matters (eg., the inconsistent, often chaotic boarding process), there is rarely a response.

  • The feeling I got was that this offer is in a "trial" phase (I have not read a formal offer on a frequent flyer website endorsed by QR) and I suspect that if large numbers of persons present for it, they will withdraw it.

  • 1. Thought readers may wish to know (apologies if already on this site) that J passengers are now "at the managers discretion" able to pay for access to the Al Safwa F lounge, previously restricted to Qatar F and One World F passengers. On 16/1/2019 I paid 500 Qatari Riyal for 2 persons for 6 hou...