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  • Meal service on Syd-Per-Syd A330 in J

    Apr 29, 2021, 10:52 PM

    I flew Per-Syd-Per on 22/4/21 and 28/4/21on the A330.Lovely crew on both legs, attentive and proactive, particularly on the forward leg, where J was full (on the return swapped to an Airbus a few days prior and with the lockdown over 10 empty seats).The wine was exceptional on the return leg (Tho...

  • PER-HBA status credits

    Dec 08, 2020, 11:49 PM

    The QF website does not state the status credits for this new nonstop flight in J when you click on the J fareAre readers aware of what the allocated status credits are?Thanks

  • Is anyone aware of the logic/rationale behind selecting some passengers for the DSC offer and not others? Thanks. It would be useful for ABT to ask Qantas this directly.

  • I realise this is a bit late but wanted to confirm that I nominated my son for my partner platinum card and even though he had Hilton Diamond via this 2 years ago, he received it again this time as he had dropped to Gold.We have used it a lot on a recent trip, so it is the case you can get it aga...

  • I receive online surveys after almost 50% of my flights - some issues have been dealt with well internally and I have been offered a solution as quickly as the return leg. With other matters (eg., the inconsistent, often chaotic boarding process), there is rarely a response.

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