Complete guide to Virgin Australia inflight WiFi

Virgin Australia's inflight WiFi keeps you connected on most domestic and international flights.

Qantas, Virgin battle to launch new flights to Tokyo

March 2020 will see four new daily flights between Australia and Tokyo; Qantas and Virgin each want a piece of the action.

Virgin Atlantic eyes Sydney, Auckland, Singapore

Virgin wants a bigger slice of the Heathrow pie, and promises big things in return...

Virgin Australia bids for Tokyo/Haneda flights

Virgin Australia is putting it hat into the ring for flights to Tokyo.

Qantas reveals plans for new Tokyo/Haneda flights

Qantas eyes a second Sydney-Haneda service plus a Melbourne-Haneda flight to replace the current Narita service.

Emirates to continue Melbourne-Singapore flights

While seeking to end its Brisbane-Singapore flights, Emirates says it will keep the Melbourne-Singapore service.

Qatar plans Airbus A350-1000 for Perth, Adelaide

Qatar Airways intends to upgrade its Perth and Adelaide flights to the flagship Airbus A350, but the timeline is TBA...

Emirates seeks to axe Brisbane-Singapore flights

Emirates plans a quick exit from the Brisbane-Singapore route due to "substantial losses".

Virgin-to-Virgin London route one step closer

Get ready to fly around the world with Virgin, using Hong Kong, London and LAX as your stopovers.

Priority Pass access to The House lounges

The House lounges now offer Priority Pass access, as long as you pay an additional $20.

Airbus has begun test flights of its 'smart cabin'

Airbus sees a big market in digitally aware cabins that may speed your flight—and save airlines lots of money.

EarthBay is a 'private jet' on commercial flights

The innovative EarthBay concept transforms 'below decks' space into a private suite with floor-to-ceiling windows.

Seven tips for productive inflight working

Business travel typically mean working at 30,000 feet – here are some strategies to stay productive but still enjoy your flight.

SQ brings Book The Cook to Newark, Seattle

Locally-sourced burgers, steak, salmon and greens are on the menu for Singapore Airlines' latest US flights.

Airlines changing the way you buy business class

Unbundling, upselling, add-ons and plus packages could reshape business travel.

Virgin CEO: joining an alliance is no quick fix

Newly-minted Virgin Australia chief Paul Scurrah takes a measured approach to the question of joining Star Alliance or SkyTeam.

Qantas boosts international carry-on bag allowance

Premium passengers can now bring a cabin bag weighing up to 10kg on international Qantas flights.

Your complete guide to Cathay Pacific WiFi

Cathay Pacific's inflight WiFi keeps you connected above the clouds: here's what the business traveller needs to know.