How to make a ‘Spontaneous Escape’ with Singapore Airlines

Fancy a quick getaway? Singapore Airlines’ Spontaneous Escapes promotions can deliver incredible value for the frequent flyer.

By Staff Writers, December 1 2023
How to make a ‘Spontaneous Escape’ with Singapore Airlines

  • KrisFlyer Spontaneous Escapes offer 30% off business class, premium economy and economy fares
  • Bookings are open for only a limited time, across selected routes and flights
  • Spontaneous Escapes are ideal for a quick getaway if you’re flexible on the where and when

There’s a lot to be said for spontaneity in today’s ever-busy tightly-scheduled world, which is perhaps one reason Singapore Airlines’ KrisFlyer Spontaneous Escapes promotions remain so popular with frequent flyers itching for a quick escape.

Spontaneous Escapes deals are typically released every month and cover a range of destinations across Singapore Airlines’ international network, from short hops around Asia to long-haul routes to Europe, the UK and North America.

And they deliver a standing 30% reduction against the usual redemption rate for KrisFlyer miles in business, premium economy and economy class.

You just have to be ready to pounce, and have the necessary number of KrisFlyer miles on hand.

Here’s what you need to know about taking advantage of Singapore Airlines’ KrisFlyer Spontaneous Escapes promotions,

How KrisFlyer Spontaneous Escapes works

Singapore Airlines’ KrisFlyer Spontaneous Escapes promotions are launched around the middle of each month, with a two-week booking period through to the end of that month for travel across the following month.

For example, a Spontaneous Escape sale might drop on February 15 and end on February 28, covering travel between March 1 and March 31.

Each month sees a different set of Spontaneous Escape deals. These cover not only specific routes but also particular flights – for example, between Sydney and Singapore, that 30% Spontaneous Escape discount might apply only to flights SQ222 and SQ232, and only in business class or premium economy.

You might even find that some routes are listed as Spontaneous Escapes in just one direction, such as from Melbourne to Singapore: getting back will require a full serve of KrisFlyer miles or a paid ticket.

Another caveat are blackout dates: most (but not all) Spontaneous Escapes offers list a series of dates across the month of travel when these 30% discounts don’t apply. Those might include weekends, public holidays and school holiday periods, which is another reason you need to be very flexible to make the most of a Spontaneous Escape.

For all those conditions, Singapore Airlines’ Spontaneous Escape seats are snapped up fast, and with only two weeks to make a booking plus a limited number of KrisFlyer reward seats available, you have to be quick to make your own escape.

The latest KrisFlyer Spontaneous Escapes deals

Around the middle of each month, watch for the latest deals to be published on the Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Spontaneous Escape website.

Some notable ones in the past have included Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Christchurch to Singapore for 47,950 KrisFlyer miles in business class; Singapore-Paris for 72,450 KrisFlyer miles in business class; and Singapore to San Francisco in premium economy for 52,500 KrisFlyer miles.

There are usually plenty of business and economy class Spontaneous Escapes across Asia and India, and while a relatively short economy flight is rarely the best use of frequent flyer miles, that 30% discount helps tilt the scales.

Just be aware that Spontaneous Escapes redemptions usually can’t be changed or refunded, so don’t make a booking unless you’ve squared everything away.

How to book a KrisFlyer Spontaneous Escapes flight

First up, make sure you have enough KrisFlyer miles sitting in your account (check your balance by logging into your Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer account or via the Singapore Airlines app).

You can top up your KrisFlyer balance by transferring points across from a partner credit card or converting Virgin Australia Velocity Points to KrisFlyer miles, as you can’t use Velocity Points to directly book Spontaneous Escapes fares.

Booking a KrisFlyer Spontaneous Escape flight is in itself very straightforward, and the same as booking any  Singapore Airlines flight with KrisFlyer miles: after logging into your KrisFlyer account, select ‘Book a Flight’ on your dashboard.

Then click ‘Redeem flights’ to select your desired route and dates, and watch for the Promo listing alongside the usual Saver and Advantage fares: those Promo fares are your special short-lived Spontaneous Escapes deals.

You can book several Spontaneous Escapes flights together to create a single 30% discounted itinerary, such as Sydney-Singapore and then Singapore-Manila – but if any flight is not included in the Spontaneous Escape promotion or falls outside the applicable travel period, your entire itinerary will be charged at normal KrisFlyer redemption rates.

While this won't be an issue for a one-way booking, it’s something to consider for multi-city and return itineraries.

An easy workaround if you’re flying return but can’t find an eligible flight in one direction is to make two one-way bookings instead of a single return booking, so at least one of your flights is locked in at the discounted rate.

While seat availability for Spontaneous Escapes is on a first-come, first-served basis, waitlist Promo redemptions are included in some of the Spontaneous Escapes flights.

Finally, Spontaneous Escapes deals are only available online via the Singapore Airlines website or app: phone bookings through the KrisFlyer contact centre will be charged at normal KrisFlyer rates and also incur a US$25 service fee.

Are KrisFlyer Spontaneous Escape flights worth it?

The Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer program is generally regarded as among Australia’s best-value frequent flyer and loyalty schemes in its own right.

On top of that, and unlike most airlines, Singapore Airlines doesn’t add fuel surcharges to KrisFlyer award tickets, so the cash component of a points-based fare is exceptionally low – expect the unavoidable taxes to sit around $100 when departing Australia, and even less flying back.

Compared to other airlines, this is a welcome bonus saving alongside the standing 30% Spontaneous Escape discount in KrisFlyer miles.

As long as those Spontaneous Escape deals match up with where and when you want to travel, and also what class you want to fly in, they’re a superb way to make the most of your KrisFlyer miles.

11 Oct 2023

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Such a beautiful airline. I flew them once in 1998 and the food was delicious 

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

12 Apr 2017

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I tried looking on SA under my Kris Flyer account as you direct in the article and there are no flights with any type of offer under Redeem Flights

05 Mar 2015

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You have to wait until the Spontaneous Escapes promotion goes live, as the article says, this happens "around the middle of each month." Once the Spontaneous Escapes deals are up then you can see those Promo awards listed against the Spontaneous Escapes flights, which SQ always publishes in detail on its website, eg which routes, flights, cabin classes are eligible plus those black-out dates.

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