• Of course Dictator Dan is holding onto his authoritarian grip

  • Vote of no confidence in Boeing management. Boeing is not what it used to be and if this latest news or speculation comes to fruition, great (Not)!! - just another narrow body, twin engine tube to cart the cattle over even longer distances. Woe, woe that there has been no next-gen successor to th...

  • Qantas have always been pig-headed in the IR domain. Their latest little (and I mean LITTLE) media release via Fairfax was much ado about nothing and more likely using it as a veiled threat or bulletin board in their IR scare-mongering. Wage growth has been backwards in Australia for many years s...

  • I think the railway man canceled that plan, didn't he?

  • It appears quite an impressive offering but I do wonder just how many airlines could justify the reduced yield/capacity for such offerings on their NB aircraft. I wonder if an APEX Aero type business class suite couldn't be modified for NB aircraft, perhaps less boxy (as on JL) but affording ever...

  • Any sedative/hypnotic should not be combined with alcohol, particularly the benzodiazepines and “non” benzo’s including temazepam, zolpidem (Stillnox) and zopiclone (Imovane). Not to mention, some countries are very dodgy for flying through with drugs of dependence.

  • Well at least QF are predictably inconsistent as usual ;)

  • Yes, got one too. I had to laugh knowing I would not be a person of interest to QF.

  • Debit card acceptance in hotels

    Sep 21, 2018, 03:22 PM

    It might seem overkill to some but I’ve resorted to emailing each hotel I’m pre-booked into for specifics about their various security deposit requirements. They’re all different and I want to know what I’ll be up for in advance and prepared accordingly especially as I don...

  • Downgraded from business to economy!

    May 22, 2018, 01:27 PM

    Air NZ suck. You paid for a business class passage. They can honour it with the option of another flight that does have J/c. Horrid little a320 cattle truck. Then ditch them completely.