Just started on contract somewhere for the next 18 months.

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Just started on contract somewhere for the next 18 months. Under the plan I'll be flying a lot, the firm apparently uses Virgin mostly but are happy to accommodate if I'd like to stick loyal to QF or Virgin. Wanted to get feedback and advice from other AusBT'ers about whether to opt for Velocity or QFF? Each trip will be in business and i'd like to stick to one carrier. I'll still keep at least gold with each outside work but wanted to see which program others felt best for a lot of J travel?

Will be based in Brisbane and travelling to the US thrice as well as Europe, Asia, Argentina and South Africa. I'll be doing a lot more domestic J too, mainly to the capitals of each state.

So... QFF or Velocity? Most concerned about J product, service and partners. Thanks in advance, any advice is welcomed!


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In my experiance most J Class products are acceptable - of course you get the odd fight we all like to forget or stuck in one of the older aircraft that may not have the latest fitout and of course we all like to avoid J class on domestic flights in the USA. 

Partners is an interesting one as Velocity have partners with South Afican, Air NZ and Singapore all may be of interest to you in your travels - especially the new Air NZ direct route from AKL to EZE starting in December. 

Qantas have the One World partners and a great network around Australia.

It really comes down to what carriers you chose to fly or are able to under your contract. For me it's a 50/50 call until you sort that side out.

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