Checking out Singapore's Changi Airport

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Hi all,

I am complety new to Changi Airport and will be departing late july back home to Melbourne with Jetstar. I have lounge access but I want to look around the airport as it sounds like it is amazing. How long can I check in before my flight so I can look around the airport or is there a place to put my bags have a look around and come back to check them in, and can I transfer between terminals after check in as there looks like there is a train after check in. Thanks


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Hi Kitch – I haven't flown with Jetstar out of Singapore so unsure how early you can check in for your flight (especially if you have checked luggage) but somebody here may be able to help, as I'm sure Jetstar could via Twitter etc... as to the airport itself

  • Yes, it's a pretty cool place for an airport and worth checking out
  • There's a Skytrain connecting all three terminals, it runs airside so you can easily zip between terminals once you've checked in
  • Not sure about somewhere to store your bags airside, after you've checked in, but if you have lounge access then I'd make the Qantas lounge at T1 my first port of call and perhaps you could leave them there?

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