Melb to China - Which airline/FF program

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Hi all

Currently planning a return to china (beijing and shanghai) from Melbourne. I am an infrequent flyer but can accumulate FF points on cc in Aus.

For Business who is Best Cathay Pacific/Air Miles/ or Qantas/Qantas FF? (am I right in thinking Marco Polo is not worthwhile if travel is infrequent?)

Thanks in advance

(PS I am approx 2m High so leg room comfort is a factor)


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If travel to China is infrequent you're probably best to stick to crediting to QF (especially if you'll be doing some domestic travel is QF). You can credit Cathay flights to QF but you won't earn as many points or status credits as you would if you were flying QF.


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If you’re travelling J in both directions, you should be able to contact the Marco Polo boys and ask them to waive the membership fee of $100 USD. They did this for me when I first joined before a return J class flight.

They may only activate your membership after the first leg of your trip.

The Asia Miles Programme (coupled with Marco Polo) is quite generous. Worthwhile if you are likely to take a few trips overseas per year where HKG is a sensible option as a stopover.

CX is an excellent carrier. I think their J product is superior to QF on most measures.


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Just a quick question,

I'm currently, QR PC gold (OW Sapphire), I will be travelling economy between DXB and SYD several times this year due to family commitments.

Say I book with CX and add my marcopolo (i'm only green at MP) membership number to my booking, will that still get me extra baggage allowance and lounge access at HKG (business class lounges at HKG) based on my gold status with QR (remember I have not put my QR PC number on the CX booking)?

There are several reasons for booking with CX:
- QR no longer flies to DXB (I'd have to go to neighbouring MCT to catch QR to DOH and then onward to SYD),
- CX allows me to even out the extra long flying time to 2 more or less even legs, rather than 1 very long leg of about 15 hours. This same thing is putting me off booking with EK or EY (also CX fares are more affordable too).
- awesome HKG lounges, at DOH I'd only get the business class lounge, not the mourjan.



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Thanks to both for your replies..much appreciated

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