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G'day, does anyone know what SQ's policy is with regards to using the lounge after a flight in Changi as our final destination? My wife and I are both flying business, unfortunately, its a red eye flight which lands in T3 at 0630am. The idea is to freshen up with a shower, have breakky before attending to the day's meeting before finally checking in to a hotel at the end of the work day. (we do not have any check in luggage, just our carry on).

We know there is the paid option of using the transit hotel or the Haven but am trying to avoid that if possible. Unfortunately, we do not have high enough status for alternative lounge entry with our FF. We do have the Amex explorer card.



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Officially arrivals access is limited to PPS Solitaire status (those who spend $250,000 over 5 years).

Some have had luck showing up (with a boarding pass) and pleading for a shower but your mileage may vary.

The paid options will likely be your only option as the explorer card won't get you anywhere in Singapore. Just be aware that a lot of Changi's shops/services will ask for an onward boarding pass.


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The transit hotel option is pretty good. They are clean, tidy, relatively inexpensive, and you can shower and rest on a real bed for a couple of hours. Having stayed in all 3, I'd say T3 is preferred, unless you want to use the swimming pool in T1.


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Thanks heaps henrus and xtfer

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