Layover hotel with China Eastern in Shanghai

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Hi, can anyone advise whether I qualify for a layover hotel in Shanghai flying China Eastern from Brisbane - Shanghai - Toronto in Business Class. Looks like the terms and conditions on the CE website seems to say that a hotel would be offered from North America but not to North America.


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Maybe call or email them directly? There are flexible while arranging the layover hotel.


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Yes, essential to call airlines like this if you booked ticket with it direct.

Generally a lot of airlines offer STPC if you have a layover of eight hours or more.

I'd be flabbergasted if you weren't eligible for an hotel.

Ask the airline if there's a choice and what the hotels are, then look them up on TripAdvisor and ring them back and try to obtain the highest ranked one.

If you booked through a bricks-and-mortar travel agent, ring it.

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