What's your experience with Qantas inflight WiFi performance?

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I enjoy it. Used it MEL > SYD last week. I only used Whatsapp, Facebook and FlightRadar (nothing like tracking your own flight live through the app on your phone). I didn't want to drain the network too much for my fellow pax so I just used the above. I wish BA would have it though on the long haul flights...


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Flew from ADL to MEL a few weeks ago, having just done a 1 month trip around the USA prior to that I think that It is quite good. Firstly, it's free. United charge and so did Air NZ from memory, can't remember about southwest. You wont be able to stream netflix at 1080P, but for those who NEED to send/receive emails and use low bandwidth intensive apps I thought it was awesome.

Something funny to add to this conversation. We (Australia) 1. Are so behind in implementing features that have been commonplace to most service industries in Europe and North America for years it's hilarious, because about 5/6 weeks ago on my final leg of LGA-LAX-AKL-MEL, (which happened to be with Air NZ,) the Captain announced that there was a problem with the onboard wifi and it would be unavailable for our 3 hour flight across the Tasman, and everybody groaned... ie they weren't happy. 2. Australia/Australians invented wifi.

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