Using AMEX Membership Rewards points with Webjet

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Hi Everyone,

Went to book fights to Vietnam and Malaysia on Webjet the other day and planned to use 300000 amex points to pay for $3000 of the flights. Amex only let use points in 10000 block so for example i couldn't use my 312000 points because it isn't a correct increment. However, when I went to slide the amount of points i wanted to use, it did not let me hit a 10000 block at all. It appeared that it went up in 977 increment, meaning no 10000 block is available at. A webjet consultant came on my screen and tried but was also unsuccessful. Does anyone know anyway to get around this because I really want to use these points to pay before the changes in April?

Thanks Oskar

Chris C.

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Depending on which Membership Rewards program your points are in, 300,000 AMEX points can be enough for a return Singapore Airlines first class trip from Australia to Europe (e.g. from Ascent Premium or Ascent, which convert to KrisFlyer at a 1:1 rate), and I suspect, could be enough for two return business class trips (or one return business class trip for two people) to destinations like Malaysia and Vietnam.

Don't know what type of fare or class of service you're trying to book via Webjet, but unless you've scoped out a really cheap business class fare, you'd very likely stand to get much better value by converting to a frequent flyer program and booking through that, as opposed to using the points to 'buy' a commercial airfare.

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Ok cheers mate thanks for the help

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