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So I'm leaving for NZ from MEL today. Notice 1. There are still VA code shares on Air NZ (I swear that finished in October). 2. Etihad is code sharing on Air NZ not VA. I thought since the bitter divorce between Air NZ and VA Etihad and SQ might help out with directing bookings on to their almost profitable Australian investment.


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100% correct the partnership did in fact end last month. Some airports/airlines (eg. Air NZ at Melbourne) haven't updated their FIDS systems so the VA/NZ codeshares still appear on the flight board and website. There are also many airports which haven't updated the FIDS to include the new QF/NZ codeshare services.

Regarding the SQ/EY codeshares both place their flight number on both NZ and VA flights from MEL to NZ. EY6313, 6328, 6335, 6336 and 6337 are all Etihad codeshares operated VA from MEL-AKL (Etihad codeshares on Air NZ are in the EY4xxx range.

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