France imposes ban on school trips due Coronavirus

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French government has today banned all scheduled school trips to France!

Son due to go in 2 weeks on school trip. Email received today by his school from sister school in France advising of ban. School was in process of making dcision on whether to go odr not. Taken out of their hands. Trip now cancelled indefinetely!


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Your son's school most likely would have had to purchase travel insurance for the entire group.

If you booked it yourself and not through the school contact the airline/travel agent as soon as possible.

If the airline/travel agent can't or won't do anything get some proof saying that the French government is blocking the travel.

As this is beyond your control, try claiming on your own travel insurance, or if you paid by credit card, some Australian cards offer insurance too from your bank. Contact your bank even if they don't offer insurance, they may have an option to reverse charge the transaction(s).

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