Evoke's luxury Tesla rides upgrade your journey to the airport

Luxurious rides that are environmentally friendly - plus a special discount on chauffeured rides for Executive Traveller readers

By Staff Writers, October 8 2019
Evoke's luxury Tesla rides upgrade your journey to the airport
Executive Traveller x Evoke

If you’re a frequent traveller, upgrade your journey to and from the airport with Evoke for a smooth, on-time arrival that also helps the environment.

This article is sponsored by Evoke

Servicing Sydney and Melbourne, Evoke has a new fleet of Tesla Model S and Model X vehicles that can ferry you from your home or office to the airport, and back again.

If you’ve ever been frustrated by inexperienced drivers, cabs that don’t turn up or just want the peace-of-mind that comes with reliability, Evoke is a great way to get to your destination without all the hassle.

Booking a car is simple – just select the dates, times and locations online, and you’re done. Evoke’s drivers have an on-time performance greater than 99.5%, so when you’ve got that important meeting and you can’t leave anything to chance, you can rest assured that you’ll be picked up and dropped off on time.

In fact, if your Evoke is even a second late, the ride is refunded to you, which means that Evoke means business when it comes to getting you to your destination.

As a chauffeur service, your booking means that your personal Evoke driver is dedicated to you, including monitoring your flight and picking you up even when there’s a delay.

Not only will you be chauffeured in late model Tesla vehicles, you’ll also be helping the environment. Since inception the Evoke fleet has completed 2 million all-electric kilometres helping to reduce COemissions and reduce Australia’s reliance on imported petrol.

It’s also a great way to impress clients if you’re travelling together - Evoke’s fleet of Tesla vehicles means that you’ll travel with the latest in passenger comfort and technology, including WiFi, Spotify control, charging ports for your devices and bottled water and other refreshments.

For a limited time, Evoke is offering Executive Traveller readers $20 off their first booked ride – just enter the code ET2019 to activate the discount.

This article is sponsored by Evoke