The MHbiz Pro Corporate Travel Programme is your ticket to rewards

Malaysia Airlines’ business loyalty scheme is free to join, unlocking perks such as lounge passes and flight discounts.

By Staff Writers, April 22 2021
The MHbiz Pro Corporate Travel Programme is your ticket to rewards
Executive Traveller x Malaysia Airlines

For businesses with future travel plans to Malaysia and beyond, Malaysia Airlines’ MHbiz Pro Corporate Travel Programme bundles bountiful rewards with dollar-saving discounts, as road warriors gear up for the return of international travel.

MHbiz Pro is free to join, and once your membership is accepted, you’ll begin your journey with two complimentary Malaysia Airlines Golden Lounge passes, valid until the end of 2022.

But MHbiz Pro is more than a simple loyalty account: it’s also an online flight booking tool, through which your employees can submit travel requests, and managers can both book those flights and generate expense reports as required.

This article is presented in partnership with Malaysia Airlines.

Joining MHbiz Pro

Registering for MHbiz Pro is quick and easy, and can be done via the Malaysia Airlines website.

To get started, you’ll need some basics such as your business or company details, and a copy of your company registration certificate. If your business isn’t incorporated, proof of your business name registration or active ABN status will suffice.

There’s no joining fee to pay, no ongoing membership fee, and no minimum travel spend needed to qualify for that membership or to keep the account active.

Even better, request your free membership by 31 May 2021, and you’ll receive two complimentary Malaysia Airlines Golden Lounge passes.

Each pass allows for a single visit to a business class Golden Lounge of your choice, and can be used at any time before the end of 2022: giving plenty of time for international travel restrictions to be eased in Australia and overseas, so you can use that reward.

Whether those passes are used by the business owner, or given to a hard-working employee to use on their next business trip, is up to you.

Booking flights via MHbiz Pro

Catering to businesses large and small, Malaysia Airlines’ MHbiz Pro tool allows your company to design and manage the flow of staff travel approvals.

To make sure your company’s procedures are followed before flights are booked, prospective travellers can lodge a ‘travel request’ through the system when they’re hoping to fly.

Then, a manager can review the request, give their approval, and then finalise the ticket: all through the one website.

It’s an ideal way to take the hassle out of travel planning, as employees can suggest their preferred flights and departure times as part of that travel request: all the boss has to do is approve, and pay.

Even more value from MHbiz Pro

All MHbiz Pro members can enjoy discounts from 3% to 10% on Malaysia Airlines airfares: even at the very beginning, straight after joining the free programme.

As the company spends more throughout the year, bigger discounts can be unlocked on future bookings – particularly when the business passes set milestones.

Spend the equivalent of 50,000 Malaysian ringgits (approximately $15,820 AUD) each year, and you’ll notice an improved discount on flight prices.

The same can be said when passing 250,000 MYR (~A$79,050), and 500,000 MYR (~A$158,100) in spend each year, with free flight tickets also provided at certain milestones.

At any time, your company can generate reports to keep tabs on its travel spends: and of course, your business travellers can continue to earn Malaysia Airlines Enrich Points when booked on eligible Malaysia Airlines airfares.

Join MHbiz Pro today, and be ready to roar when international travel returns.