Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Boeing 787 production moves from Seattle to South Carolina

By the middle of 2021, all Boeing 787s will be made only at the company's North Charleston facility.

Qantas considers more Boeing 787 sightseeing flights

With Qantas' 'Great Southern Land' joyflight selling out in ten minutes, more scenic trips could ...

Qantas to launch seven-hour scenic 'flight to nowhere'

The epic Boeing 787 'Great Southern Land' flight will take in the sights over NSW, Queensland and...

When will Virgin Australia swoop on new Boeing 787 jets?

Virgin will need to claim its place in the queue for new Boeing jets, in readiness of a restart f...

Qantas CEO: rapid COVID tests could restart overseas travel

Passport, boarding pass, the all-clear from a 'super-fast' COVID test and you'd be all set to fly...

Emirates to swap some Boeing 777X orders for 787s

The Gulf colossus seeks to switch its Boeing mix from the biggest 777-9 to the mid-sized Dreamliner.

Vistara Boeing 787 flights to London, Paris, Frankfurt

The Singapore Airlines - Tata joint venture begins non-stop flights between Delhi and London from...

Qantas sends Boeing 787s to the desert for storage

With international flights perhaps a year away, the Dreamliners will be mothballed alongside Qant...

Hawaiian Airlines delays Boeing 787-9 debut to 2022-2023

The arrival of Hawaiian's new Boeing 787s, and its new business class, could be three years away...

Qatar's Boeing 787-9, all-new business class, to fly in 2021

When they begin flying, the longer-range Dreamliners will include an 'evolved' version of Qatar A...

British Airways' first Boeing 787-10 makes its debut

The super-stretched Dreamliner will arrive at London Heathrow this Sunday morning.

Emirates: "all bets are off" on new Airbus, Boeing jets

Emirates will revisit all outstanding orders for new jets from Airbus and Boeing.

Qantas Boeing 787s headed for Johannesburg, Tokyo

The jumbo jet looks set to bow out of the Qantas' fleet with little fanfare.

Qantas still cool on flights from Perth to Paris, Frankfurt

The prospect of direct flights from Perth to Paris, Frankfurt and Johannesburg remains in limbo.

Qantas puts Boeing 787, Airbus A321neo deliveries on hold

Financial prudence trumps factory-fresh planes as Qantas charts a course to, and through, air tra...

Cathay Pacific eyes Boeing 787-10 as swap for 777X

The Boeing 787-10 could prove a better fit for the cash-strapped airline and the post-coronavirus...

AirNZ nudges back Boeing 787-10, pauses new business class

Air New Zealand plans ahead for the new shape of long-range flying.

El Al readies non-stop flights to Melbourne

The Israeli flag-carrier will trial direct flights between Tel Aviv and Melbourne across April an...