Booking EK with QF points

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Hey Guys..

Just wondering if there are any workarounds to booking an EK flight with QF Points...Ever since COVID I havent been able to find reward seats on EK flights via the Qantas Portal. Are there any workarounds I can use?

I have 900k points with QF and we are flying from BNE-BOM-BNE in July, Ideally I'd like to fly J but I can only do that with points at the moment! Any help would be great!!


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Booking on other carriers using QF points seems very difficult to impossible at the moment. I even called and asked. Lovely lady on the other end was as dismayed as I was.

I suppose Qantas stopped buying seats in partners during the pandemic and hasn’t beefed up their operations yet (if they ever do at all).

Meanwhile, I’m getting a match on a Star Alliance airline… I’m getting a little tired of Sydney-centric Qantas.

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