Poor poor service from Cathay

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I recently travelled on CX using a A$5500 economy class ticket. I paid to choose the exit and extra legroom seats. I chose CX as because as a longstanding member I thought they would look after me. How wrong I was. I was put into the bulk head seat on the way there. Not enough room to move. Then on the return leg had an aisle seat half way down the rows. Travelling without a stopover this was not what I paid for. I sent the CS a complaint and got a ridiculous response offering 10,000 points. Any suggestions as to how I can complain properly? The cabin managers were awful on both legs. The check in staff told me CX was one of the worst airlines at the moment


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I’m confused. You paid for exit/extra leg room seats. Wouldn’t you select these yourself? Did Cathay change the seats? 10000 points sounds like decent compensation although I’m still not really sure what you’re being compensated for. Was the seat half way down the aisle not as exit row/extra leg room seat?


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I find this post rather odd. No detail of the flight routing and A$5500 is not a cheap economy fare . The pax mentions that he is a 'long standing member' but not of what and as a CX club member of standing he would have been able to chose an exact seat not merely request an exit row. Who is 'CS' and what response did the pax expect I am wondering as 10,000 miles seems a very reasonable response for a complaint re dislike of an (it seems' not pre booked) economy the seating arrangement. Presumably the cabin managers 'were awful' as they did not comply with the pax undefined wishes.

On the Cathay website there are specific details of how to make a formal complaint


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Apologies as I may not have explained clearly enough. The 'cheap' comment was a joke. It is 3 times the usual cost.

As for choice of seats I selected front rows for the complete journey.

As I have been a Asia Miles member for 15+ years I expected to be looked after

On the final leg I was advised my board pass was incorrect and that I would be front of aisle

Basically I paid a huge amount to be treated like everyone else so no point

SQ here I come. By the way please keep your condescending comments to yourself


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Won’t SQ be thrilled to have you

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