United Syd -LAX - London - all on United metal - do I get points as not a 016 ticket

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I bought United Syd -LAX ua842 LAX london ua231

Then the return. All on my United App on United metal

However the ticket is not a 016 ticket starting it’s a 220 ticket

My VA profile is correctly in.

How do I get my status and points

Was UA metal and everything all both ways

Must be a way


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Velocity T&Cs are pretty explicit:

You can earn points and status on flights operated by United Airlines as long as your flight ticket shows either VA or UA flight numbers (regardless of which airline issued the ticket).

If your ticket is issued by Lufthansa (prefix 220), but shows the flight number UA842 (as opposed to the Lufthansa codeshare flight number LH7591), you should be able to earn points + status as per Velocity T&Cs.

Flights operated by United, but ticketed under a different codeshare airline code (such as LH - e.g. "LH7591 operated as UA842", SQ or TK) will earn 0 points and no status under Velocity programme.

If your flight is ticketed as a Lufthansa codeshare operated by United, you can earn Singapore Airlines Krisflyer points and convert SQ points to VA. No way to transfer status however.

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