Qantas Hotel Bookings vs Hotel direct

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I was interested in peoples opinions on booking hotels via different methods for the purposes of loyalty points.

Presently if everything is equal (meaning rates are all the same) I will always try to book a hotel via Qantas Hotels as a way of getting Qantas FF points. But I'm now wondering would it be better to book with the hotel directly and gain the benefits of the inhouse loyalty program with IHG, Hilton, Hyatt etc.

Or thirdly book by a third party and gain the points you'd get via expedia for example.

Again this is assuming the rates are all the same otherwise I'd just go with whomever is cheapest.

Really interested in peoples view and opinions on this. Cheers.


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If you don't have hotel loyalty status you're probably better off getting the extra points via Qantas Hotels or another agent. One benefit of Qantas Hotels is they offer perks that aren't part of a typical room package.

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