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Hi Folks

Soon to be travelling Qantas MEL - DFW (arrive Terminal D) and then on to NY with AA (Terminal A)

Layover time is 2.5 hours. Any recommendations on best lounge to access with Shower?

I am a Qantas Gold and Amex Platinum holder

Sorry if the question is a stupid one - I am never sure of the rules for an arrival in a terminal vs a departure but imagine they would be better in Terminal D (if I can access them) rather than in Terminal A which I assume to be domestic only


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All the DFW terminals are connected airside by the SkyLink train, which is frequent and quick. Your connecting flight may not end up departing from terminal A - terminal changes are common at DFW, especially for AA (although QF always arrives at/departs from terminal D). The AA Admirals Club in terminal A doesn't have showers (nor do the Admirals Clubs in any other terminal, from memory), but the AA Flagship Lounge in terminal D certainly does (to which you will have access as Qantas Gold / oneworld sapphire). If by AmEx Platinum you mean the platinum charge card, you will also have access to the Centurion Lounge in terminal D, which has showers. Overcrowding has been something of an issue for US AmEx lounges, so you may find the experience at the Flagship lounge a little less zoological. Your Priority Pass card that accompanies the AmEx platinum charge card will give you some other options as well (e.g. The Club DFW in terminal D, also has showers).


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That's great. Thank you for the detail!

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