Air New Zealand call centre, Auckland

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wilsoni Banned

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Called Air NZ in AKL. Agent (confirmed she was actually in AKL) putting me on hold several times to speak with supervisor. After 45 mins I asked her to call me back when it was all sorted. Sorry she said, this is a call-in centre, we don't call you. Anyone else had this? I was calling on 800 number, so talking to me cost them either way. Lack of respect for paying customers, pure and simple.


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Interesting topic. I've had various issues in the past with Air New Zealand Call Centre however not to the point where I ask them to call me back. I prefer my call to be handled on the call even if my time is limited. They are an inbound call centre I guess, however first call resolution should be their priority.


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I would have thought call in centre or not - customer service should be first priority. I was on a longish call with VA last year and they offered to call me back as the issue was going to take some time to fix. That was great as i didn't have to hang about, just answer when they had addressed the issue.

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