Samsung Galaxy Express vs Samsung Galaxy S2

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I am planning on buying a new phone for someone, and I have narrowed it down to these two options. Which is the better phone and why?

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Here is a runthrough based purely on specs, note that I have based this on the SII I9100:

Battery Power: Galaxy Express winner****- 2000 VS 1650mAH, but however this may not be very helpful because this does not indicate how long the battery lasts for from a charge- which you may need to do a bit of digging for.

Communications: Galaxy Express winner. All express models are 4G capable, while only some SII models are, e.g Galaxy SII 4G. Also, the express has NFC and S Beam while the SII doesn't.

Screen Size/ Resolution: Galaxy SII screen resolution winner. The Galaxy Express has a slightly larger 4.5" screen over SII's 4.3", however they are the same 480x800 resolution, so the S II has the slightly higher pixel density (resolution)

Camera: SII the winner by a longshot. The SII has a 8MP camera with full 1080p HD video, while express has only 5MP camera with 720p HD video

OS: Express partial winner, partial tie. While the Express has a newer version of andriod-4 (not the newest), both phones are upgradeable to the newest andriod 4.1 jellybean

Weight/Dimensions: Galaxy SII winner. The Galaxy SII is about 20g lighter, and is a little bit thinner

Processor: Galaxy Express winner. Dual-core 1.5GHz vs SII's Dual-core 1.2GHz

Price (based on uniquemobiles): Galaxy SII winner. Express: ~$349, SII: ~$319 


Basically, both are great phones, and it is debatable . Personally, I would go with the SII as I like the design better, and also because it has a marginally better screen and much better camera, as well as the price. However, many will go with the Express because of it's faster processor, which is very important, as well as the better communications compatibility.

You will probably need to look at user reviews to see its function in day-to-day life. Note that when looking at professional reviews (like cnet), the SII was reviewed a few years beffore the express, so that is why it has a much higher rating.

Hope it helps.

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