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SkyTeam F/flyer programs. which should I join?

Hi just a quick question. just wondering which skyteam frequent flyer program I should join...I mostly travel on Star Alliance however will be doing the odd flight here and there with Sky...Flight info below cheers!

1. I'll only be traveling 20-25k miles this year and probably a tad more next year, would that be enough to attain gold in any program?

2.Is there a skyteam airline offering status (gold/silver etc) for more then a year and if so which airline.

If ever I can attain gold I would be great to keep it for more then a year since I don't travel much on sky as stated.


Delta Air Lines - SkyMiles

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Hi Benjo,

I am a memebr of Delta's SkyMiles programe & in a very short period of time have moved into their Gold Medallion Status. Delta is a founding memebr of Syteam and in my opinion has the best benefits of anyairline that I have come accross. 

The benefits kick in at Silver Status and just get better as you progress formward. 

Please see below link to the programe benefits: 

I hope that this helps. 


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Hi benjo

As far as I am aware, the Skyteam members have similar tresholds (not as with Star where you can join Aegean and obtain Gold with minimal mileage). There are differences in redemption rates however. From what I have heard Delta with their Skypesos are very poor and also block some award travel partners. Af / KL with Flying blue is reasonably good, esp since they often have 50% redemption specials which represent good value (although they did recently increase their redemption rates). In the end I would simply go for the FF program of the airline you fly most as often you get more bonus mileage and a slightly better treatment (sometimes lounge access at homeports when silver member, more award availability, more chance on upgrades). If you fly in the US a lot it might make sense to join a US based carrier as your chances on upgrades increase. You might also consider joining an program on which you canearn points by taking out a credit card (not sure where you are based and if you buy your tickets yourself, but again, mostly one gets bonus points when purchasing tickets). AF / KL recently introduced earning level miles (which counts towards status) when purchasing with a co-branded AMEX card. This way, if you fly around 25K miles a year, you might be able to earn another 25K through buying your tickets with the card and get gold. All depends of course on the ticket costs, class you fly etc.

Maybe provide some more info on where you are based and where you fly to and which class etc and we might eb able to share some insights.


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