Is Qatar airlines definitely joining one world on the 1st October?

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Is Qatar airlines definitely joining one world on the 1st October? Thinking of flying to Melbourne - London with them early October, but I only want to travel with them if they are one world... Thanks


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The 'October 1st' date has not been confimed by oneworld (or through an official Qatar press release, for that matter) so while I suggest October remains likely, I would not treat Oct 1st as being carved in stone when it comes to making a booking.


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I fear nothing is certain. But if you intend to clock miles on one of the OW FF programmes, be aware that some booking inventory are not mileage accruable or earn miles at a fraction of the base miles.

From 1 Oct 2013 QR mileage accrual is as follows (I suspect the change from the current structure is in anticipation of OW membership):

Q,O: 25% of base miles

L,V,S,N,T: 50% of base miles

H,K,M,G: 75% of base miles

Y,B: 100% of base miles

I: 125% of base miles

C,D: 175% of base miles

J,P,A: 200% of base miles

F: 300% of base miles

Given the above, I suspect the accrual rate of QR flights for other OW FF programmes will not be materially inconsistent with the above. i.e If you're flying on the cheapest economy class booking it's highly likely you'll earn only a fraction of miles.

In  fact for some OW FF programmes, the accrual criteria might even be more restrictive. This would be consistent with QR's competitive pricing in existing OW carrier home markets to level the playing field (i.e. you can have cheap tickets or higher accruals - you can't have both if you wish to accrue to a FF programme of a OW carrier, who is playing in the home market of the incumbent OW carrier).

I'm basing this analysis on the recent MH's membership to OW as well as the accrual tables of OW carriers who are not in a JSA. Notice how QFF accrual on BA was adversely impacted upon the termination of the BA/QF JSA. Also note the unfavourable rates of accrual for AA's FF programme on CX flights, since CX is actively competing with AA across the pacific but have not entered into a JSA - Codeshare arrangements count for nuts; Its JSA with revenue and profit sharing that matters.

I may be wrong but if your goal is mileage accrual then it's better to be prudent.

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