Thai Airways Upgrades At Check-in possible?

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Thai Airways Upgrades At Check-in possible?

Hi just have a question about thai airway. Was just wondering if thai allows for paid upgrades at check-in? i.e econ-business class, and if so would it be discounted or same as buying a normal business class ticket?

If someone has upgraded before, maybe they could share the price they paid for there ticket and then the upgrade. cheers!


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Hi Benjo, I am used to seeing a sign offering a one way upgrade from business to first for around 475AUD, I have never seen such a sign at the eco counter (mind you, I have been lucky enough to fly F with TG so never really pay attention to the Y check in). However, I do think that if they offer it it would be at the same price level. Depending on what day you fly, they have a twice daily service and on these days the morning flight goes out fairly empty often so chances are you can get an upgrade. Let us know how you go!


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Managed to upgrade from Business to First from London to Bangkok for US$500 back in 2008. Flat rate per sector for an 1 cabin upgrade. My understanding is it can only be done at checkin and has to be done at the commencement of each sector, eg if flying SYD-LHR you can only request BKK-LHR when in BKK (well thats what I was told by the staff).


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Hi Benjo,


Rates are on the Thai website for upgrades, set price for each leg of your journey.  Link is above.


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Way back when (2007) TG were offering Y to J upgrades at check-in at BNE for US$500. It'd definitely be worth it, but at the time I was on a budget and was happy with my 34" of legroom down the back.


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Straight from the horses mouth!

Seems relatively straightforward if there is availability - pretty decent rate too!

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Standby upgrade surcharges are only available on THAI operated flights and can be arranged at the airport check-in counter prior to each flight. Upgrades are strictly subject to both seat and catering availability, quoted in the local currency of your departure point.


Travellers have the option to upgrade from Economy to Royal Silk (Business) Class or on some routes where Royal First Class is offered, upgrade surcharges may be available from either Royal Silk Class to Royal First Class or even from Economy Class to Royal First Class.


A one-class upgrade surcharge for travel from AUD 716 per person, one way from Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane to Bangkok or from AUD 496 per person, one way from Perth to Bangkok.  One-way upgrade surcharges for travel from Bangkok to Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane are available from THB (Thai Baht) 21,645 or from THB 14,985 to Perth.


One-class upgrades are available to a host of popular destinations such as Bangkok to Frankfurt, Madrid, Munich, Paris, Zurich, Moscow, Rome, Milan, Brussels or Johannesburg from THB 25,670 or from Bangkok to London from THB 29,970. 


Enquire at check-in for the latest rates and information for contact THAI reservations on 1300 651 960 or email [email protected].


Conditions: Upgrade surcharges cannot be pre-booked and are only available for sale at the airport check-in counter before each flight sector.  Upgrade surcharges are applicable to normal fare types booked in Economy Class 'Q' and above and for travel on THAI operated aircraft only with three digit flight numbers.  Upgrade surcharges do not apply to revenue tickets booked in 'V' or 'W' class both internationally or domestically, industry or agent discount tickets, frequent flyer redemption tickets and barter tickets.  Child or infant discounts do not apply.  Any additional taxes incurred with the upgrade are at the expense of the passenger.  Frequent flyer mileage earned will be based on the original fare paid.
Conditions subject to change current as of 01 Jul'12.


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Happy Trails,

You're a star! You've answered all my questions in one fell swoop!



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hi guys thanks for all your replies. some great information. :)

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