Flying with Jetstar for the first time.

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Flying with Jetstar for the first time.

I booked a Jetstar flight through the qantas website using points. I am a QF Silver member. I need to take a small carry on bag (laptop case) and will need about 10-15kg checked luggage. Through the booking on I can see it says I have included 20kg of baggage, however through the booking on it actually says I have none. Does anyone know which is real? Should I go ahead and pre purchase baggage from



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I found the following on QF website:


What is the baggage allowance if my trip includes a Jetstar flight?


Jetstar has its own Checked Baggage Allowances for its customers. However, if you are travelling on a Jetstar operated flight and it is a Qantas marketed flight, that is, a flight with a Qantas flight number, Qantas checked baggage allowances apply.

Frequent Flyer and Qantas Club member checked baggage allowances do not apply on Jetstar operated flights.

If you're travelling on an itinerary that includes both a Qantas operated international and a Jetstar operated service, your baggage allowance will depend on the marketing carrier and specific itinerary. If you're travelling under a ‘QF' flight number for both sectors, the Qantas ticketed allowance will apply, while if you're travelling under a ‘JQ', ‘3K' or ‘VF' flight number on the Jetstar flight, either the Jetstar ticketed allowance or the Qantas ticketed allowance may apply depending on your specific itinerary (your allowance will be shown on your ticket). Additional checked baggage allowances for Qantas Frequent Flyers and Qantas Club members are not available on Jetstar operated flights.

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Clear as mud.


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i recently bought flight with points from ppp to bne. Stated i had 20kgs of luggage but jetstar docs said i had to purchase.Phoned Jetstar to request seat and they said it did not show i had luggage provided Phoned qantas and was advised to take copy of qantas booking that shows luggage allowed and, if they still did not accept, ask them to call qantas for verification.had no problems out of ppp or bne

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