Has anyone ever been able to redden VA miles for business class on SQ, NZ or DL?

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Has anyone ever been able to redden VA miles for business class on SQ, NZ or DL? I have wasted endless hours trying dates as far out as July 2014 and not a single business class seat, be it SIN to the UA=SA, ATL - JNB, NZ to the USA, nothing. I am over it. What is the point in collecting miles and all these airline partners if I cannot spend anything of the miles?


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I have been told by someone at VA that they never have business or premium economy available as award flights on Air NZ! The same holds true for Hawaiian.

I personally feel this is information VA should be open about, thus make this clear on their website. But they are not.

In theory you should be able to look for award flights on the other airlines of interest by joining their frequent flyer programs and checking for award flights through their website booking engines - then ring VA with the details, However, I am also told by VA that often their award availability on a partner airline is not the same as the generic inventory. If it was, you could subscibe to services such as expertflyer and check the inventory.

Until VA have their hopeless online booking system working for award flights of partner airlines it is not possible to assess the overall availability - there is no transparency.

It is for these reasons I am not transferring my Amex points to VA despite the 15% deal.

It is ironic that there is good availability for SQ on Colombia's airline Avianca's program, but the system is stuffed for our own VA!!!

On a positive note, VA's reward availability on its own flights is good and potentially of great value with the current 15% discount on points required. Availability on Etihad also seems to match that visible to Etihad frequent flyers (at least on the flights I've looked at).

The unfortunate lesson is to do the research before amassing significant point balances in a given frequent flyer scheme...

...be persistent!


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In my experience, there is very limited business class rewards in SQ. A couple of years ago I redeemed 2 F tickets on SQ from Syd-LHR. I have had very good success redeeming F and Business Class award flights with Etihad.

I second PLATY, do your research beforehand.


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'S wonderful, 's marvelous you should care for me...

Well no not really...Care for yourself and get Expertflyer to check redemption inventory availability for SQ, NZ and AY!

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