787 business class seat design/cabin layout craptacular!

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787 business class seat design/cabin layout craptacular!!!!


Just curious what people think of the overall business class cabin and seats on various airlines? japan airlines, ANA, British airways, Air india etc...

A lot of the 787 business class seat look very poor! (design/seat an layout).... i know the cabin is different and maybe smaller/narrower then a 777 or 747 etc but its like business class in the 787 is awful..

I've tried JAL business class and found it a step backwards with a 2-2-2 layout which is think most 787 are and its not FULLY FLAT! BA is a 2-3-2 layout (I think) and my friend said the AI air india business class is just the same as japan...

the only airline which I think has a a good seat design and layout is by far going to QATAR airways with the 1-2-1 seat layout... Fully flat and angled away from aisle...

Love to hear your input on your experiences on the 787 business class. Cheers!


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JQi 2-3-2 recliners - all your base are belong to JQ.


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As you mention the 787 cabin is narrower than that of the 777.

I've tried United's 787, 2-2-2 layout with the same seats as their former Continental aircraft. Very comfortable, fully flat, far better than United's narrow forward / back facing seats on their Australia flights.

Not flown ANA's 787 but they have the same seats as their 777s which I have flown on (in a staggered 2-3-2 layout rather than the staggered 2-4-2 layout on the 777). Too much white plastic everywhere and the fully flat bed is a bit too short for me, but is still an great seat.

May need to fly AKL - CAN next year which will hopefully mean I get to try China Southern's 787. I believe they have the same business seats as LOT, which look okay.

Excluding Qatar, I would have to agree that the rest of the current 787 premium cabins don't seem special.


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If you sit down and think about it being Boeing's next-generation A330 thingo, suddenly it doesn't seem so special.

But that's what it is - a Boeing next-gen A330 thingo. It's still a plane. Sure, it's nice and new, but it's still a plane. Give it to Qatar and they'll have it upholstered by a tailor. Give it to Jetstar and they'll pack it to shame a gulag jailer.

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