Jetstar - is it worth complaining to?

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Jetstar - is it worth complaining to?

After 6 months of banning myself from Jetstar I gave them another chance with a flight from AKL-WLG return

My flight back was cancelled due to weather and I was connecting back to Melbourne on a Qantas flight however I managed to get on to the WLG-MEL direct flight later that evening (lucky me)

I called them today and they said my only option was to rebook the flight, despite the very obvious fact I was no longer in Wellington. Is it worth complaining to them in order to recoup the funds or not worth the inevitable hassle?

I had the 'Bundle' fair which allows changes but not refunds


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How is it their fault you're no longer in Wellington? You agreed to the terms and conditions of the fare when you purchased the ticket so if it is a non-refundable fare, why should they refund you? If the cancellation is weather related, the airline is not obligated to issue a refund. Air New Zealand has the same policy and are very strict on it


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Exactly! Well said!


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I'm thinking reading between the lines re connecting flight via Qantas, is that you were flying back to Melb via Sydney or the like, where you would then take a Qantas connection? If thats the case you ended up with a better deal anyway by flying direct to Melb instead of a stopover. What exactly do you want refunded? You can complain about the cancellation but weather can do that to airplanes sorry.


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Unfortuantely, I don't like your chances on this one.

Working in the industry, I've had people lose wives/partners/houses etc, and all JQ will offer is a voucher.

So I'd cut your losses and bin this idea!

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