BA premium economy review?

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BA premium economy review?

Hi guys. just want to know your thoughts on british airways premium economy product (seats/service) going to Singapore next month for 3days weekend and need info...

What can i expect with there premium product? i saw a review here in ABT about there premium product but that was way back in 2011 but i think things have changed since then, i.e meals/aircraft ect... your experience would be a help. cheers!


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I flew this route only two weeks ago in premium economy and found it better than I expected.  It was the new product, being a new Boeing 777-300ER.

Setting aside that I am BAEC Silver, so I can't comment on checkin, I found the seating (and the cabin was full) to be perfectly adequate.  There was sufficient legroom, the seat itself was well cushioned and proportioned and there was sufficient legroom to let the person beside me squeeze past to get to the aisle (albeit with the seat in front only partially reclined).

The catering involved one Club World main course (the second meal was a cardboard box with a sandwich and chocolate) with economy class beverage, starter and dessert, but it was fine and the Club World main course was tasty and filling.  The beverage service was sufficient, although not outstanding, and the crew did bring through water every couple of hours.

The inflight entertainment system, was a fully AVOD system, with ample choices, with a large back catalogue of movies (seemed to have all James Bond films ever made, but this was November), but also TV programmes.  

It wasn't the best PE I have been on (hard to beat the Air NZ Spaceseats and its near business class catering but obviously not available on this route), but it is a distinct improvement on the last occasion I flew World Traveller Plus.  The seats are definitely better, with more recline, adjustable headrest, better cushioning and more legroom.  The catering, now that it includes Club World mains, has lifted one of the weak points, and the entertainment system is a serious step up from the older aircraft.

I'd happily travel it again, and on this route the new product is guaranteed.  


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It is over 12 months since I flew PE. Definitely worth paying the extra however I have previously found other airlines offer a better product for PE

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