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HELP_ Qantas Points plus Pay....Charged an extra $1000 as points plus pay is not the same as points do you get the amount back?


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Not sure I understand this, but Points + Pay is always going to cost you money because it's not the same as Points only, you're 'paying' less points and making up the difference in money. That is the whole idea of this. If for some reason you were overcharged by Qantas you can contact them and make your case to get $1,000 back but I don't think from your description this sounds like a 'mistake' by Qantas?

Did you simply book Points + Pay and then realise it cost more than Points and you want to change your booking to Points only and get that $1,000 refunded? If that is the case then good luck, I don't think you can do much because you have changed your mind after the fact, all you can do is change your booking and maybe lose some points or cash in the process. Either way you need to be talking to Qantas about this, I'm not sure anybody on a website can fix this for you!


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Is there a statutory framework that governs on-line transactions? If such a framework exist does it define a cooling-off period?


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Online is the same as walking into a shop - you volunteered. Buyer beware. 

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