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Optimal luggage. Hi - I've done a bit of travel over the last few years but it's starting to ramp up now and want to sort some proper luggage . I've traditionally just had a trolley suit carrier but find it burdensome for overnight domestic trips (it needs to be checked in) and not big enough for 10 days overseas.

I'm interested to hear what you use - currently I'm thinking a cabin-size garment carrier and a regular suitcase is potentially the best combo but it's a bit of a pain having two bags + a laptop/iPad bag...


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Get a 105cm domestic case and a 115cm international case; the former is for domestic hops of a couple nights tops, the latter for proper long-haul. You should never need both on the same trip.

Then, get a good laptop backpack. This should be your main hand luggage, and should be able to fit your carry-on kit plus at least four sets of clothes. If you can fit your domestic trips into this, you're on a roll; if not, it's okay.

If you can't fit your international ten days' kit into a 115cm roller and laptop backpack, I suggest you take a hard look at what you're carrying, and see how much you can downsize or eliminate.

And above all, don't pack your jacket - wear it.

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