Are Qantas management advising Delta Airlines.

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Are Qantas management advising Delta Airlines.This new revenue based policy will screw most QF FF,s as most business travelers are booked on the lowest fare at the time of booking.To reward travelers based on fares,not distance will create incentive to book expensive tickets closer to departure dates rather than plan ahead with cheaper advance purchase tickets...Well done Qantas you really no how to not only screw but also piss of a majority of your FF,s.Does anyone out there believe they will benefit from this move.Or are all you ABT posters going to purchase the most expensive tickets available to you.Guys would like to no your thoughts on this. Coming soon Qantas will announce an increase in points required for awards an upgrades....Just wait and see.


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Most of my travel is from BNE or OOL to SYD and SYD to MEL. Under the old system, I was earning 1 reward flight per 8 flights I took. Now, that number is 1 flight per 10 flights I take. I won't waste my mney on flexi fares, I will happily just send all my business to VA now. I am a gold, and earn 1 reward flight per 5-6 flights I take. 


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I'd say the new QFF system is not strictly a revenue-based system. That phrase has been tossed around probably because it's in vogue at the moment and commentators are desperate to make the link to demonstrate some sort of aviation trend.

Having said that, the new QFF system does seem to reward people who pay more for tickets, which on the face of it seem fair. This really is a matter of re-calibration.

Qantas is trying to re-calibrate the expectation of members, while providing incentive for people to purchase higher yielding fares.

Question is, how inelastic is the demand for Qantas fares or more importantly, how much of an incentive is it to attain elite status on QFF?

This might work in a closed economy. But given the freedom of passengers to be members of other OW frequent flyer programmes, I do wonder how this will positively impact Qantas.

Perhaps the end result will be to make QFF Platinum and P1 even more exclusive. Given the ability of other OW Emeralds to enjoy some Platinum perks I wonder if this is a wise move.

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