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Hi. I was wondering is it worth flying to the new Haneda airport to get closer to Tokyo? Or will arranging transport from Narita be easier/faster?


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Hi Hunter, and welcome to AusBT!

Haneda is definitely a lot closer to Tokyo but if you're heading up from Australia there are no direct flights into Haneda - Qantas and JAL both go straight into Narita.

So the only way to hit Haneda is to travel with an airline such as Cathay, Singpaore or Thai which services Haneda, and that means a stop-over at their respective hub to change planes, which far outweights any time-savings you make in the 'Haneda vs Narita' equation!

If you're in HK or Singapore for business already, then yes, try a flight into Haneda - but it's not worth the trouble if you're coming all the way up from Australia.



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fly into Narita, and out of Haneda :D

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