We came from Anchorage Alaska via LA to Sydney and our baggage were interlined.

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We came from Anchorage Alaska via LA to Sydney and our baggage were interlined. Anchorage LA leg was with Alaskan Airlines and LA Sydney leg with Virgin Australia. In Sydney, one of our baggages was missing and we filed a report with Virgin Australia counter. They gave us a reference no and a telephone no. We have been trying the telephoe no very day but either it is not answering or gets cutoff. What do you do? We tried the baggage tracker it doesn't allow to do that either.


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What number are you calling? A quick check on the VA website shows the Sydney International baggage services number is (02) 9700 9893. There is also an email, [email protected].

If you cannot reach the phone number, I recommend you send an email and submit a complaint via the website. In both cases, cross-reference the incident number given to you on arrival at SYD.


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Depends when this happened... previously my bag took a week to be found


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The baggage could be in LAX maybe. If you go back try to LAX try to go to lost and found.


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I flew from Vancouver to LAX on Alaska Airlines and then Virgin from LAX to Melbourne.  My bags were interlined as well, and surprisingly enough they turned up on the baggage carousel when I arrived into Melbourne.


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Whilst the checkin staff at SYD intl are employed directly by VA, Aero-care look after VAs baggage services and are notoriously bad. They have the lowest wages of ground staff at the airport so have the highest turnover.

All ports can look up your file by the reference number, and will usually update your file when they action it. So just give Sydney Domestic baggage services a call, apologise for contacting them, but you have not been able to get through to the international team, and politely ask for an update on the status of your bag. Theyre not supposed to make updates as they then take ownership, but they can read it. Hopefully there are notes from the LAX team about the flight they sent your bag on.

Usually your bags arent lost, just delayed. The arriving carrier is required to deliver it under IATA rules, so its likely AS just didnt deliver it to VA in time.

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