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Has anyone used Airbnb? If so, what was your experience like?



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Epic Airbnb fail http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/unexpected-sex-party-destroys-pricy-chelsea-apartment-article-1.1723825


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Hi OI647, I have used Airbnb - 3 times. All 3 were great experiences, once in Amsterdam and twice in London. Be sure to read the reviews and if you do use the service be sure to leave feedback. I also use google streetview to see whats around the area, and check local transport options. The properities were all clean and exactly as listed. It is great alternative to hotels!


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I used it once in Sydney to be near relatives. You have to be comfortable with staying in a space that might not be exclusively dedicated to casual accommodation provision. I was not, and couldn't help feeling like an imposter of some kind.


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That said, the website, booking process and review system are all quite user-friendly...


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Used Airbnb twice. Have to say that it is one of the best experiences we've had. The website is easy to use and navigate but may be unresponsive sometimes. You can easily communicate with your accommodation provider. I truly recommend it and it is almost always cheaper than hotels too!


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I wonder if there are any studies into the psychological and personality profile of Airnbn hosts and guests.

I'd feel extremely uncomfortable for strangers to be in my home, without me being there. And as a guest I'd be concerned that I am somewhat intruding.

How do hosts and guests be rid of their inhibitions?


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I used it in Manhattan just before Christmas and couldn't have been happier with price(ultimately ends up being much cheaper than hotels), superb quality and location of the apartment (14th & 7th, directly above the subway) and the service/friendliness of the host. I was left right alone and stayed somewhere where this is virtually all the apartment is used for by the owners; to host AirbNb guests (hence the company's grey area problems with the law in New York City in particular). So that said, I didn't experience the 'alien' issues others have brought up, which I would otherwise have experienced in spades as well.

Despite having had a superlative experience, I am too scared to do it again. Ultimately, I prefer the environs of a hotel whilst away, unless staying with family/friends (even then, sometimes I would prefer a hotel!). I just think there are too many nebulous chances for things to go awry. Glad I did it once though, and it was such a great experience. 



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I've always had great experiences with AirBnB although I tend to only stay in places where you get a whole apartment to yourself to avoid the awkwardness.  The only thing that can be a bit difficult is finding the place, and arranging to pick up keys etc. but for the minor inconvenience it is worth it.  Cheaper than a hotel, and feels more like you are expeirencing the culture of a place when you can stay in a residential rather than commercial area.  

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