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Sri Lankan Airlines. Thoughts?

Just wondering if anyone has flown with Sri Lankan either in Economy or Business? Particularly interested in opinions from those who have flown business. Several times during my travels and still now when planning my future travels I have found the option of flying with them favorable, convenient, and worth considering, and in some cases the savings in excess of $1000-$2000, but I have always stopped short of booking with them due to average, thought not necessarily atrocious reviews. Mind you, most of these reviews come from "Oh one of my friends flew them and said that....blah blah". But people have said that about every Airline I have flown with that has given me a darn amazing experience.

I have been to Colombo airport and while fairly small compared to Bangkok, it was clean, surprisingly modern, easily navigable, and customs/security was easier to get through and less intrusive than Bangkok. The Thai Custom's/Security/Baggage Scanning area workers all made me feel like I was a criminal each time. The only small issue at Colombo was the toilets. They were atrociously dirty, but I have also seen Major Airports in 1st World countries with appallingly unkempt toilets.My ex boss has just reported to me that his Business Class flight with Sri Lankan from Singapore to Colombo was amazing. He said the food was delicious, plentiful and varied, and that along with the service, and flat bed, he regards them as better than Garuda.It was only a 3hour flight but it was still full service and a flat bed.


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Hi Jay,

As with a lot of airlines that fly to and in the subcontinent it all depends on the route. I have noticed that this is the same even with SINGAPORE AIRLINES as you get the renowned Singapore services from MEL-SIN and a less favourable and older planes on the SIN-CMB leg.

I know for a fact business class services and facilitites are great with flights to India tends to be not the best specially with the older aircrafts. In terms of the lounges in COLOMBO, they tend be as good as what you pay for with decent food and facilites available. As you said if you can save $1000+ you cant complain too much. And the lounge toilets are clean and modern unlike the public ones which some times miss a beat or two . Futy free liquors as cheap as anywhere in the world and there is a nice massage spa if you need to get a quick relxaing massage just before you hop on ib the Dep lounge. Hope that helps!


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Sadly I did not get to access a Lounge at Colombo as I flew in Business Class, from London and flew out of Colombo to Melb Economy. I found the people very friendly too I might add. Though they did seem a bit too curious about what I was watching on my lap top! At one point I had several janitors and everyday men and women standing behind me watching what I was watching as though they had never seen a show in their life. It was a Vampire show. The audible gaps of horror and surprise were very evident every time a character went in to drink some blood. AHAHAHA. It was surreal. I felt like I had the first TV on my lap.


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I've flown them from BKK-ROM / FRA-BKK. CMB Airport whilst I was there was a shambles. People laying every where & boarding is a nightmare as they make you go thru the smallest security check before boarding which is hell. Whilst in CMB there was no J class lounge (as it was getting re-fitted). The flights are what you pay. The staff are for ever smiling & friendly but the entertainment system is from Jurassic time. The product in J class as I mentioned is what you pay for. Don't except SQ on a UL price. The J class seats are okay but not the best. They do go flat. If you're on a budget UL are a good option to EUR.

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