I am travelling to LA from Melbourne via Sydney.

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I am travelling to LA from Melbourne via Sydney. My Melbourne-Sydney leg is with Qantas, my Syd-LA leg with United. I have about 2.5 hours between flights (pending my QANTAS flight isn't delayed) and I wonder if I'll need to collect my baggage in Sydney and check-in for the international flight? Will Qantas check me in for my United flight as well?


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Hi praha123,

I'm not 100% certain about this but I believe if your QF flight is part of the UA booking (Inerline codeshare flight) then your bags should be checked all the way through to LAX.  

If your bookings are seperate then you'll need to collect and re-check in for your UA flight. 2.5 hours is quite tight...

I think it's best to get in touch with QF or UA about this.



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I agree with drpurpleturtle - it's important to check your booking to confirm if its an interline booking or not. 

Regardless, the transfer in Sydney can take longer than you think. 2.5hours seems a long time but can evaporate before you know it.

QF Sydney Domestic arrive at T3 - QF have a free tranfer bus to international if you have an onward QF booking. Again check this as I recently arrived on a interline Jet Star - Qantas flight from NZ (all with QF flight numbers) and was not allowed to transfer on their free bus - I had to pay to use the public bus which took about 40mins (I had plenty of time so this was not a problem). The train is the quicker option and costs $5.80 per person.

Regardless check with your booking agent as these details are usually not explained well and it's things like this that add to the confusion. 


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My parents had a trip to Canada/North East US with QF ex CBR and AC to YVR. They were through checked and could use the bus as it was all booked on the one ticket.

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