Transferring SQ Kris Flyer Miles to Velocity.

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Transferring SQ Kris Flyer Miles to Velocity.

Hi All,

I have been having trouble linking my Kris Flyer and Velocity Accounts. The system is saying that my Velocity Number once added is the wrong partner code. I have contacted Singapore Airlines and been advised that there is an IT issue which will be resolved in a coupe of weeks time. Has anyone else experienced this issue?

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If singapore have confirmed an IT issue then i daresay everyone would be experiencing the issue no?


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I've heard that some people who have add this issue have had success in establishing the link through the Velocity website as opposed to the KrisFlyer website.


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Yes, I experienced same issue, unable to convert Krisflyer to Velocity. I couldn't establish the link in the first place. I contacted S'pore Airlines which is usually efficient but useless. They responded email straight away and asked to contact S'pore Airlines in Sydney. They kept sending emails back and forth but never solved the issue. I just couldnt bother.


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Maybe you can call VA and check if they can unlink the Krisflyer account ffrom VA side and you can try linking it again? Reason I say is because I had an issue recently transferring the other way.

Had a Krisflyer account linked which expired. Went to Velocity page to unlink my account which it said it had done succesfully, but when trying to add a new Krisflyer number it did not allow me to stating I already had Krisflyer account linked (the old one). Called Velocity team and they could not do anything, but raised it with IT. Hadn't heard back for a week so called again, apparently the IT team had updated in my profile they needed to call me back..did not happen.

Long story short, I called SQ who could succesfully delete my old Krisflyer account after which I could link a new Krisflyer account and instantly transfer points! SQ Suites have been booked!!

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